In my work as a Sydney Confidence and Life Coach and also when I am running events or public speaking, I often refer to what I call your ‘Happiness stream’.

Just like any stream, your own personal happiness stream flows in two directions – upstream or downstream.  Think about it, if you were sitting in a canoe which was flowing downstream, how would it feel? I often get responses such as feeling easy, effortless and ‘in the flow’.

However, if you were to turn your canoe upstream – how would it feel?  Yes, you have guessed it, a bit of a struggle and rather exhausting actually.

The truth is that each and every one of us has our own personal  happiness stream.  In this case, upstream represents any emotion that doesn’t feel good to you. However, downstream represents emotion that does feel good to you.

For example.

Upstream =

  • Beating yourself up 
  • Not being authentic to yourself 
  • Feel disempowered 
  • Feel helpless / Stressed 
  • Worry 
  • Frustrated 
  • Struggle 


Downstream =

  • In the flow 
  • Feel Empowered 
  • Fun, Joy, Compassion
  • Being authentic 
  • Nice to yourself
  • Looking after your wellbeing
  • Kind and Patient with yourself
  • Expectation of good things  


Think about your week so far – how has it felt?  Upstream or downstream?

How about when you got up this morning or while you were at work? Did you feel upstream or downstream?

Each day we have a choice – we have a choice to deliberately focus our thoughts in a downstream way, or struggle with life in an upstream way.

However, the key to this is caring how you feel.

Tune in to next weeks blog for more information on the way to live a ‘ good feeling’ downstream life!

Lisa Phillips is a Life and Confidence Coach based in Sydney. To find out more, please see     Lisa is also the author of ‘ The Confidence Coach Book’  ( Exile Publishing 2015)