What do you expect for yourself in life?  Do you expect for people to like you and respect you?  Do you expect to get what you want and to have a happy successful life?  Do you expect life to be easy or life to be a struggle?

You get in Life what you expect in Life!

I recently worked with a Life Coaching client who frequently experienced a difficult manager at work.  She had changed jobs several times trying to escape from toxic bosses!  However, every time she changed organisation, she would always face the same challenges.  A difficult, unsupportive and critical Boss.

After an in-depth chat with my client,  I discovered that her Father had also been a difficult character.  He had not supported nor encouraged her and he continued to be very critical of her. 

This ‘ wound’ ( or negative belief) was still active within my clients unconscious mind.  Therefore, my client EXPECTED people to treat her badly and criticise her.  It was simply a self  fulfilling prophecy.

Our Inner Wounds

We receive the majority of our programming from childhood.  If not healed, negative programming will become our blueprint and what we unconsciously expect from other people.   Therefore, if you have been treated badly as a child, you may then just expect to be treated badly as an adult.   You could reason with me and insist that you know in your mind that you should be treated with respect – However, it is your inner wound. or unconscious mind  that will always sabotage this belief.

Update your Programming

In my Life Coaching practice, I work with clients to release themselves from past programming and learn to expect the best for themselves in life.   I also help them to EXPECT to get all the things that they really want to experience.  This could be a loving healthy relationship, a great career, abundance, respect and much much more.

Australian  Life Coach

Leading Life Coach and Confidence expert Lisa Phillips works with clients throughout Australia.  Lisa has over 20 years experience, and her work is featured regularly in the Australian media.   Lisa has won several awards for her leading edge techniques and she is also the author of ‘ The Confidence Coach’ book.

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