Despite what you may have been led to believe, you really don’t have to work hard in order to get what you want.      The world seems full of this idea, and I am constantly surprised by the amount of messages I see in the media about life being hard work.@spiritandirrit   l (3)

The truth is, if you are struggling to get what you want, working all hours and in particular, not enjoying the work you are doing, then you are never going to manifest what you want.   Why? Because your struggle switch is on full blast and you are ‘bucking’ the natural current of life.

Think about it – when you are struggling, whether it is trying to get all your tasks done in one day, trying to get new clients, a new job or even a new relationship, the chances are that it doesn’t feel that good.   In fact, the more you struggle, the more the likelihood increases that you will just end up getting frustrated and dis heartened when things don’t fall into place for you or you don’t end up getting what you want.   In my confidence coaching practice, I liken this to putting a canoe in a stream and trying as hard as you can to go UPSTREAM.

The more effective way to get what you want EASILY is to let go of those oars and simply allow your canoe to flow DOWNSTEAM.  Sounds simple doesn’t it?   Well, actually, it is a lot simpler and easier than fighting against the current and trying to get your canoe upstream!
To flow downstream, following the flow of life, you first need to replace your fear with faith.   Start to believe that what you want can flow to you –rather than you having to struggle to find it.     Give up the need to fight for what you want and simply allow it to come to you.  Have faith that what you want is being drawn to you.

To do this, the most important step is to first align with what you want – is it more clients or a new job?  If so, begin to feel how great it would be when this new experience comes do you.  Can you feel in your body how good this would feel?   How would your life be different if you attracted what you really wanted?  Savour this feeling in your body.

The next step is the most important.  Let go of the need to DO anything and just trust everything you want  is coming to you.  Don’t force the action.  Wait for a sign from the universe (I call this inspired action) and then act on it.   You will know when the time comes, the universe will give you a nudge or you simply will be inspired to pick up the phone or take some action.   The most important part is that it will just feel right. No struggle. No need to push. Just inspired action that always feels good.

 Lisa Phillips is a Confidence Coach based in Sydney.  Lisa features regularly in the media and is a popular speaker on the topics of empowerment and confidence. For more information, please see