You are your own Worst Enemy

In my Sydney Life Coach practice, I have coached thousands of wonderful people over the years.  As a result, I strongly believe that human beings can be their own worst enemy!   Think about it, we often treat other people far better than we treat ourselves and are more at home beating ourselves up mentally and emotionally than we are in actually being nice to ourselves.

What if today, you could quit being your own worst enemy and learn to be your own best friend? What if you put a bit of effort into liking yourself just a little bit more?

Think about it ….

If I asked you now to tell me five things you don’t like about yourself, I am sure you could reel them off without even stopping to take a breath — in fact, you probably wouldn’t even stop at five. However, what if I asked you to share five things that you liked about yourself — how would you react?

Would you feel embarrassed or feel that being nice to yourself is unacceptable in some way? Don’t worry, you are not alone; most of my coaching clients usually look at me in shock when I ask them to do this exercise.

What thoughts go through your head when you look in the mirror? What do you tell yourself when you are getting ready for a night out or to meet new people for the first time? When you lie in bed at night, what do you tell yourself? Are your thoughts filled with kindness or contempt?

Think back over the past week: have you said or thought even one nice thing about yourself? When was the last time you gave yourself a pat on the back for a job well done? When was the last time you sat for a minute and really appreciated yourself?   When was the last time you thanked yourself for doing something nice for yourself or taking care of your own needs?

In next weeks Amazing Coaching blog,  I will share with your some simple ways to stop being your own worst enemy and start being your own best friend.

Award Winning Sydney Life Coach and Confidence Coach Lisa Phillips is the author of ‘The Confidence Coach’.  Lisa appears regularly in the media and on national TV.  To find out more about how she can hep you, contact Lisa for a no obligation chat at

We can be our own worst enemy