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Click here for the online or PDF version of Lisa’s Speaker and Media kit

Click here for the PDF version of Lisa’s Speaker and Media Kit
202, 2019

Looking for Interview Coaching?

Interview Coaching Do you have a new job interview coming up or do you need some assistance in feeling confident in your career? Why not try Interview Coaching or Career Coaching? Job Interviews These days,  being a successful applicant for a job can mean a lot more than attending an interview.  Depending on the type of job you are applying for, it may mean online job simulations, application forms and assessment centres. You may also be asked [...]

3001, 2019

Do you have Compassion Fatigue?

Do you have Compassion Fatigue? Australian Life Coach and Confidence expert Lisa Phillips was delighted to have her tips on ' Do you have compassion fatigue' featured in the February issue of Breathe Magazine.  ( Issue 18) This magazine is available in both soft and hard copies in Australia.   The magazine is published by GMC Publications.  This month  the copy was illustrated by Feifel Chen.   For more information, please see https://www.breathemagazine.com/portfolio…/breathe-issue-18/ The magazine aims to promote [...]

1401, 2019

Life Coaching Training Australia

Life Coaching Training Australia Are you looking for Life Coaching training?   As a Sydney Life Coach, I often get requests via email from people who are looking for some advice in choosing the right  Life Coaching course.   Therefore, in this blog, I will share my tips on how to choose the right Life Coaching course for you. Life Coaching Providers There are literally hundreds of Life Coaching Training providers both within Australia and also courses [...]

701, 2019

Lisa in the Media – Singapore Womans Weekly

Singapore Woman's Weekly Sydney Life Coach Lisa Phillips advice on building career confidence was recently shared in Singapore Woman's Weekly Magazine.  The Singapore Women’s Weekly is the go-to, trusted magazine for the latest news and information in areas that matter most to the professional working woman.   For more information please see here. The article titled ' Master the Art of Career' Confidence' shared the award winning Sydney Life Coaches tips for increasing your self esteem and [...]

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