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Click here for the online or PDF version of Lisa’s Speaker and Media kit

Click here for the PDF version of Lisa’s Speaker and Media Kit
2704, 2019

Looking for Life Coaching Online?

Would you consider an online Life Coach, Career Coach or Confidence Coach? When I first trained to be a Life Coach over 20 years ago,  all of my Sydney Life Coaching sessions were carried out face to face.     Therefore, in order to complete my Life Coaching Courses in Sydney,  clients either used to come to my office or  I would travel to meet them at Corporate office and workplaces in the local area. Life Coaching [...]

3103, 2019

Lisa to speak on Carnival Cruises

Sydney Life Coach speaks on Carnival Cruises (UK) Sydney award winning Life Coach Lisa Phillips,  is very excited to have been selected to be a Cruise Ship Enrichment speaker on Carnival Cruises. After attending an audition in at Carnival House ( Southampton, UK ), the author, speaker and Life Coach has been engaged on her first speaker engagement with Carnival Cruises  in April 2019. Cruise Ship Enrichment Speaker. Originally from the UK, the Sydney based Life Coach, [...]

503, 2019

14 Day Self Esteem Challenge

Fancy a 14 day Self Esteem Challenge? Check out Sydney  Life Coach Lisa Phillips at www.lovedestination.com! The Love Destination The Love Destination is a brand new app that is available on iTunes, android etc.   It is a handy app to have to tap into the worlds best experts on topics such as dating, relationships, confidence, love and much much more.   You can refer to the app at any time when you need a little boost [...]

2602, 2019

Manage Your Emotions

Do you find it difficult to Manage your Emotions? Do you find your emotions are all over the place, up and down like an roller coaster? Do you feel like you can only have a good day if people around you are in a good mood or you have ticked everything off your list?  In addition, do you find yourself triggered by anger, guilt or resentment? If so....it is time to manage your emotions!  We all get [...]

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