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Click here for the online or PDF version of Lisa's Speaker and Media kit

Click here for the PDF version of Lisa's Speaker and Media kit

Recent Articles in the Media by Sydney Life Coach, Lisa Phillips www.amazingcoaching.com.au

Many people have been asking me for copies of the articles that I have had published in the media.   Rather than send them all out individually, I thought it would be easier to record them in my blog ( and it helps me keep a record as well!) .   So here are a few of my favourites.  I hope you […]

Life Coach Lisa Phillips in the Media

Life Coach in the Media
Those of you who know me well are aware that as a Life Coach, I often share my expertise in the media.

Well this has been a busy month for me and I have been blessed to have my work featured in both Woman’s Weekly and Cosmopolitan Magazine.

The picture below is from a recent Woman’s Weekly Photo […]

Press Release – Why New Years resolutions do not Work!

Press Release – WHY New Years resolutions do not work!
Make this the year you finally achieve your New Year’s Resolutions
Each December people around the world are filled with motivation and enthusiasm.

They promise themselves that in the New Year they’ll start going to the gym, give up smoking, start saving money, and begin a new career… But year after year people […]





We have an amazing campaign that we are launching that we are seeking an exclusive media partner.  The campaign is called ‘ Donate Your Socks for the Homeless’ 

What do we appreciate in Sydney during the cooler winter months? A cup of hot tea and snuggling up in our cosy lounge room with […]

Press Release – Secrets of a woman who’s been there, changed that.

S ecrets of a woman who’s been there, changed that: Lisa Phillips
“I  d on’t kn ow what I want to do in life? How can I find the perfect partner? How can I make more friends? Why is everything out of reach? Why can’t I find a good job? Why don’t I feel fulfilled?”

 Lis a is a Syd ney-based […]


P RESS RELEASE   Lisa Phillips – Toxic Relationships ( 2013)

Lisa Phillips is a Life Coach and NLP Practitioner based in Sydney.   She has been coaching for over ten years helping individuals in all areas of their lives including relationships, self-confidence, career, finances and family issues.

Could Lisa help your readers / listeners with the following?

Toxic Relationships: Are you in one?

The string […]

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