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Click here for the online or PDF version of Lisa’s Speaker and Media kit

Click here for the PDF version of Lisa’s Speaker and Media Kit
911, 2016

Sydney Professional Speaker to appear on Celebrity Cruises

Sydney Confidence Coach and Sydney Professional Speaker Lisa Phillips is delighted to be invited to be a Guest Speaker on a 14 day Celebrity Cruises sailing around New Zealand in November 2016. Lisa is passionate about both cruising and public speaking so she is delighted to combine both her passions! During this 14 day cruise,  Sydney Life Coach Lisa Phillips will be running 6 workshops on the following topics: Managing Your Stress How to be a more [...]

911, 2016

Lisa Phillips Speaking at the UPA Annual Gold Coast Conference

Sydney Confidence Coach and Professional Speaker Lisa Phillips was delighted to be the guest speaker at the Annual UPA Conference at the Gold Coast, Australia on Oct 30th 2016. At this event,   Lisa spoke for 60 minutes on the importance of people caring for themselves and being their own best friend.     For anyone working in the caring industry,  there is a tendency to take care of other people before taking care of yourself.    During this presentation,   Sydney [...]

511, 2016

Sydney Motivational Speaker at The University of Newcastle

Sydney Motivational Speaker at The University of Newcastle Sydney Life Coach and Motivational Speaker Lisa Phillips, is delighted to be speaking at the University of Newcastle. ( Sydney Campus) in November 2016. Motivational Speaker Lisa Phillips will be speaking as part of the Universities Leadership Experience and Development (iLEAD) Plus Program. The iLEAD program is Leadership Program that gives university students the opportunity to build skills in the areas of leadership, international awareness, social responsibility and employability. At [...]

2610, 2016

Sydney Confidence Coach to appear on new TV Show ‘ All About You’

Sydney Confidence Coach and Life Coach Lisa Phillips is to appear on a new online TV series called ' All about You'. All about You is an internet show exploring Numerology, Astrology, Health & Nutrition,  Meditation Sysand self development.    The show launches on 17 October 2016.  To find out more, please see http://www.allaboutyouaus.com/ Confidence Coach and author of ' The Confidence Coach' Lisa Phillips will be appearing on the show on Nov 7th talking about her favourite [...]

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