In addition to being a speaker and coach, Lisa has vast staff engagement, facilitation and training experience and regularly runs workshops in both the public and private sector. She is a fully qualified Facilitator and Trainer covering topics such as Empowerment, Communication skills, Courageous Conversations, Confidence, Assertiveness and Team Building. She is also accredited in Hogan’s psychological testing techniques.
Please see below for examples of the recent workshops Lisa has facilitated or choose to have a tailored workshop designed to suit your organisational needs.

How to Empower Your Staff

This inspirational workshop discusses the differences between empowerment and disempowerment both at work and personally. Learn how and why we give our power away to other people and what can be done in order to reclaim our power and become a more assertive and confident person.

Communication Skills

What stops you from having courageous and empowered conversations? Are you a people pleaser who ends up saying Yes when you really mean No? This topic uncovers negative beliefs which may prevent us from being great communicators and asking for what we want – and truly deserve.

Team Building and Facilitation

Do you have a team building event or a strategy day planned for your employees? Lisa is a skilled facilitator and workshop leader and will work with your team to be ready for organisational change, empowered rather than disempowered, release resistance and create tangible results moving forward.

Creating a High Performing Team

Creating a high performing team is about ensuring your team are flowing downstream – in the flow, feeling good, tuned in, tapped in and turned on! Many organisations are more ‘upstream’ these days. Usually the result of this is exhausted teams and managers and ultimately, not really getting anywhere fast! This workshop will assist your team to tap into self-responsibility and empowerment, leading to a high performing team from the inside out.

How To Be An Empowered Business Owner

To run a successful small business, you need to feel empowered enough to ask for what you are worth, set the right price and chase unpaid accounts. Find out the differences between being an empowered v’s a disempowered business owner, including how to set good business boundaries and keep yourself motivated, rather than drained and frustrated.