I have had a few Life coaching clients this week who had strong beliefs that life is supposed to be a struggle and if you want to be successful, you need to work really hard and make sacrifices.

In my opinion, this concept is so outdated!  Many of the old outdated beliefs that we hold include programming such as:

1) Nothing comes easy

2) You have to prove yourself in order to succeed

3) Put in the hours and you will succeed

To be honest, all these will do is keep you in a cycle of struggle, competition, and shortage.  Remember, whatever you believe will become true for you so if you have a strong belief that you need to work really hard to achieve your desires then guess what – you will have to work hard in order to achieve your desires!

When life coaching, running events, wellness days and being a public speaker, I use the adage of a flowing stream.   Working hard is like putting a canoe on a flowing stream and paddling upstream!  It can be exhausting, hard work and you don’t get anywhere fast!  Yes, you might get to your destination eventually but look at the effort you had to put in!  However, if you learn to turn your canoe downstream and use the leverage of the universe to get what you want, you will have a far smoother ride!  This is about allowing what you want to come to you – rather than going all out to get in yourself.

All the work that I do in my own Sydney Life coaching business is about setting my vibration to a level that always expects things to work out well for me, in a way that feels good to me.  I also expect to be able to get what I want easily.  In doing this, my canoe flows easily and effortlessly downstream attracting to into my life whatever I desire.

For example, I recently had a desire to be a Professional speaker on Cruise Ships.  This was something that was aligned to the authentic me and also combined my passions of cruising and public speaking.  My plan to realise this desire was very simple.  All I did was FEEL how fun it would be and focussed on why I wanted it, ( fun, sun, being waited on, relaxing etc).  I didn’t struggle to find out who I needed to contact or spend hours in front of my laptop searching for the right person to contact.  In fact, I used the simple law of the universe – Ask and You Shall Receive.  In this, my only work was to create a vibration through my feelings which would be a match to my actual desire.  In doing this, I was allowing the universe to yield it to me.

The good news that it only took me a month before an offer came into my email offering me a position to speak on cruise ships.  How easy was that!  An added bonus was the journey to my manifestation was really fun!  All  I needed to do was make my dominant vibration one of expectation and ease.  In truth, vibration work is far more powerful than any action you will take.  It is about focussing ( not pushing) yourself into a natural state of allowing everything you want to flow into your experience.  This includes connecting with the right people at the right time, without forcing yourself to do something that may not feel good to you.

Remember,  the universe is all powerful and can find hundreds of ways to give you what you want – but you must create the environment to receive it.

Lisa Phillips is a Sydney Life and Confidence Coach.   She is also the author of ‘ The Confidence Coach’ – (Exile Publishing).  To find out more about Lisa, please see www.amazingcoaching.com.au or to book Lisa to speak at your event, please see www.howtoempoweryourstaff.com.