Upstream or downstream?

Upstream or downstream?


Article by Lisa Phillips – The Sydney Life Coach you deserve

As a Sydney based Life Coach, public speaker and workshop leader, I often use the adage of life being like a stream – and you, the human being are sitting in a canoe in the middle of this stream!

In life, we always have a choice. We have a choice whether to take our canoe upstream or downstream.

Most of us spend our time upstream, fighting the current of life and struggling.   Let’s get honest, it doesn’t feel good when you are struggling upstream! Your body will also tell you this as when you are heading upstream, your emotional wellbeing will not feel good to you and you will often feel stressed, exhausted and experience negative emotion.

However, when we consciously choose to turn our canoe downstream, everything feels easier, in the flow and we experience positive emotion .   It will always feel better to you to let go of the oars and go downstream!

In actual fact, the stream symbolises your emotional wellbeing.   Many of us live our lives struggling, being hard on ourselves, beating ourselves up etc and this will always lead to an upstream life.   Upstream emotions include sadness, regret, depression, hopelessness  and self criticism.

However, when we choose to do something which we enjoy or treat ourselves with kindness and compassion, the canoe will turn downstream you will experience increased positive emotion.  This includes feelings of hope, happiness, joy and peace.

Sounds simple doesn’t it? However, many of us are determined to stay upstream, determined to carry on the struggle, despite the fact that it will never feel good to you!

So how do we have a downstream life?   Keep checking on Lisa Phillips, Sydney Life Coach blog for more updates.

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