Whenever you are feeling good

A blog by Life and Confidence Coach Lisa Phillips

I have to admit it, I am a huge fan of Esther and Abraham Hicks and have been lucky enough to spend many delicious weeks attending their workshops both in Australia, Europe and the USA.  From a self development point of view, this work is leading edge  and in my opinion, the most inspirational and transformational work I have ever come across.

In my 15 years working as a Life and Confidence Coach, it is extremely important for me to stay up to date with new coaching methodologies and experiences.    I have trained with many masters, travelled internationally to attend workshops and gained many accreditations and certifications.    This is for my own personal development as well as ensuring that I can offer my clients leading edge techniques.

Over the years, it is interesting to see how my coaching sessions have changed.    Going back a few  years, the emphasis on coaching was all about achieving goals for success and taking the necessary action to complete them.  Sessions also included  NLP and ‘unpacking’ and  releasing blockages or perceived negative emotions.    At this time, the standard coaching package I offered was between  eight and ten sessions.

Fast forward a few years and my work has dramatically changed.    No longer do I work with clients to achieve goals which they feel they ‘ should do’ nor to I recommend any action which doesn’t feel good.    In fact, in a typical coaching session, I now work with people to first line up with their authentic selves and then follow the desires which reflect who they really are.    Gone is the need to set action steps with  dates to accomplish in order to meet self imposed goals – especially if this involves flowing upstream and feelings of struggle!

They key methodologies I work with these days are about learning to soothe and encourage yourself ‘ downstream‘ in order to allow any desire or ‘goal’ to flow to you effortlessly.   There is no need for hard work or action.  It is now about only taking action when it feels good to you or inspired action.  In my coaching practice, downstream represents positive emotion such as having fun or soothing away any emotional resistance.  As I often mention during my workshops,  it is about making your own wellbeing and friskiness a priority!   In the words of Abraham Hicks ‘ Nothing is more important than feeling good’

The truth is that when you feel good, you will naturally align with your desire and it will flow to you easily. 

This is the opposite to working hard or struggling to achieve something.  In my coaching practice, I call this travelling upstream in life as most of the time it doesn’t feel good nor does it get your very far!  Upstream of course, represents perceived ‘negative emotion’  or anything that doesn’t feel good to you.   Even sitting in front of your PC struggling to get things done is an upstream process as is applying for endless jobs online!

Any type of struggle is now replaced with the use of soothing and encouraging words into order to move your life downstream in the direction of your desire.  Interestingly as a result of these changes, a package of 5 coaching sessions is sufficient for the majority of my clients.

In this short time, my coaching clients  learn how to feel  aligned with ‘ who they really are’  and achieve their hearts desire – whether that is a new career, increased confidence or increasing the amount of clients / abundance in their life.   I am equally humbled to read the feedback I receive from my clients who regularly state that they have never felt so good!

Interestingly, these techniques have been particularly effective when dealing with clients suffering from depression.

For me personally, these leading edge techniques have changed my life.   No longer do I struggle to gain clients,   I just get on my stream ( downstream of course!) focus on building momentum to feel good and allow what I desire to flow to me.   In addition, manifestation becomes delicious and some of the highlights of my own manifestations this year include the opportunity to speak on cruise ships ( combining my love of cruising and speaking!)  opportunities to speak at large conferences events and also gaining a publishing contract for my book ‘ The Confidence Coach’ ( www.theconfidencecoachbook.com)

In addition, as the majority of my life now takes place ‘ downstream’, I am also delighted to report that I now only attract clients and organisations who also align with my heart desire.  Now that does feel good!.

Lisa Phillips is an award winning Life and Confidence Coach based in Sydney, Australia.  Lisa regularly appears in the media and is a popular workshop leader and speaker.   She is also the author of ‘The Confidence Coach’   For more information, please see www.amazingcoaching.com.au.