Whether I am public speaking, running workshops or working with my Life or Confidence Coaching clients, I talk about the importance of your stream in life. For more information on my stream process please refer to https://www.amazingcoaching.com.au/why-your-life-is-like-a-flowing-stream/

Have you ever asked yourself ‘What stream am I on?’. These days, particularly on social media, such as LinkedIn and Facebook, we are bombarded with courses we should attend, behaviours we should copy in order to become successful or events we should go to in order to achieve the success we desire. These often cost thousands of dollars.

However, have you ever checked in with yourself to see if these ideas are actually on your own stream? Yes, it may seem like the road to success – but is it your preferred road to success? Or using the stream adage, is it on your stream – or someone else’s? You see, each one of us has our own stream, one that is filled with our own preferences in life. Our own stream is unique and when we learn to tune in and follow our unique preferences, it will always feel good to us. When we do this, we are on our own authentic stream.

15 years ago, after completing my Life and Workplace Coaching accreditations, it was time to start up my own business. However, rather than checking into my own stream to identify what my unique personal preferences are, I watched what everyone else was doing. I followed successful coaches, spoke to people and tried to work out what route I should take to becoming a successful coach.

As a result, I decided to became a business coach. I did this because it was what everyone else was doing. I did it because I came across a course that told me that it was going to be easy and that I would attract lots of high paying clients. While I followed this path, I set up a business coaching website and away I went. 12 months later I had attracted one client and was quickly losing interest in coaching.

The truth was, that instead of listening to my own guidance on my own stream, I was tuning into everyone else’s stream. Or let me say, I had decided to go ‘mainstream’ rather than my own unique stream. As a result, it never felt good to me. In my own words, it felt like an uphill struggle.

I see this frequently with my Life and Confidence Coach clients. Instead of tuning into their own preferences, they tag on to the next big idea that is sold to them. As a result, they often feel disappointed. You see, when you don’t listen to your own stream and choose to step onto someone else’s stream, it will never feel as good to you. Why? Because it may not fit with your own personal unique preferences.

Take a few minutes to think about your life now, are you on your own stream or are you in someone else’s? What are you doing that you feel you should do, just because someone told you to do? Are you marketing your business in a way that you have been told will work or are you tuning into your own guidance to see what will work for you?

Look at the work you do each day in your business. What parts of it feel good to you? Which bits don’t? Once you identify the parts that don’t – could this be because you are doing what someone else told you to do rather than what you feel is the right thing to do?

If this is the case then I urge you to tune into your own stream and listen to your own guidance rather than listening to the guidance of other experts. Regardless of what anyone else thinks, follow your own stream. If attending a course or an event feels good to you and on your stream then do it. However, if it doesn’t, then listen to your guidance and stay on your own stream. Trust your guidance and be authentic to yourself.

Lisa Phillips is an award winning Life and Confidence Coach based in Sydney. Lisa works with individuals and organisations to assist them in feeling good on their own stream. Lisa is also a popular public speaker and the author of ‘The Confidence Coach’ (Exile Publishing). To find out more please see www.amazingcoaching.com.au