Did you know that by the time you reach the ripe old age of 35,  you are a series of old programs, old emotions, old problems and old thoughts?

What this means is that who you are really is based on the past 35 years.   You are a product of your past thoughts , past experiences, past beliefs, past emotions and past problems!

This program is just like software on a computer.   Unless you change the software the same old program will just keep playing every single day.   The program becomes your personality, or your identity.

Your Morning Routine.

This past program boots up every morning when you wake up.   As soon as you open your eyes, you literally reach for this old program as it feels familiar to you.   It is just like a comfortable pair of slippers.    In fact, you are addicted to it.   Each familiar emotion and thought literally has a chemical attached to it so it is no wonder we keep thinking, feeling and acting in the same way every single day, day in, day out.

Trying to Change

Unfortunately,  when we try to change, to improve our lives or let go of any hold habit,  we first have to break the chemical addiction.   We need to break the pattern of the habitual thoughts and feelings.    This is why people often declare ‘ it is too difficult to change‘ .    It is literally like you have decided in your mind that you want to do something different or be something different, but you body just doesn’t agree with you!   You feel stuck and don’t seem to be able to move forward.  You may just end up feeling frustrated and give up.

The New You

If you really want to introduce some new software into your life, you need to let go of the old personality, in order to step into your new personality.    This change has to take place on an unconscious level – not a conscious level.  90% of who you really are is in your unconscious mind, only 10% is in your conscious mind.    No wonder it feels difficult when we try to change consciously!  It feels upstream!

The good news is that with over 20 years experience, I can help you to  effortlessly release old programming and step into the new you.    This doesn’t take long – in fact, it can often take just two Life Coaching sessions!

So if you are fed up of your old programming or want to create a new program based on your future, rather than your past, why not contact me today?

Sydney Life Coaching

Award winning Life Coach and Confidence Expert Lisa Phillips has over 20 years experience.   She is the founder of the ‘ Confidence Stream’ process and the author of ‘ The Confidence Coach‘ book.   The Sydney Life Coach is also the expert Life Coaching expert on The Love Destination TV series.

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