I wish I had a dollar for every time someone came for Life Coaching sessions and asked me “What is Wrong with ME!”

It is a Common Negative Belief.

Speaking from my heart, there are not many of us on this planet who don’t think we have something wrong with us. In fact, many of us believe we have some type of fatal flaw! It is not surprising that in the depths of our own minds we often have thoughts such as ‘ What is Wrong with me’!

Our  negative beliefs about ourselves can  range from a feeling of complete unworthiness, to disliking a part of our body or feeling somewhat ‘less than‘ other people around us, whether it is at home, in our careers or in our friendships.

The interesting thing is we stuff these feelings down, believing that we are the only one who has these negative beliefs or negative self talk.

We feel terrified of people’s reactions and keep these parts hidden away in the back of our minds and body, hidden away in the dark. In fact, most of society is wandering around with these unhealed parts of us ‘pretending’ that we are ok and have it together.

I don’t think I am yet to meet someone who doesn’t think they fall short in one area of their life at least!

Remove the Mask

It takes a rare person to peel off this mask and admit that in actual fact, they don’t have a very positive view of themselves. You would never believe it from the outside – as many of us are just ‘faking’ it, showing the world that tip of the iceberg of our personality – that is the small 10% of our personality which is actually on show to the world.

In my Life Coaching  sessions.  I am often delighted to get feedback such as ‘What a relief to know it is not just me who has these thought’s‘ or ‘I now realise that I am normal to feel like this and am excited about feeling better about myself’.

Authenticity is Courage

In my opinion, being honest and open about how we really feel is extremely attractive and courageous. It is also real integrity and evidence of connecting with the real self, rather than the false self.

When we do this, we set ourselves free to heal and show a vulnerability that also gives other people permission to heal.

When I am working with my Life Coaching clients, I feel so appreciative that I get to connect with them on this real authentic level. How great is it to be able to laugh with someone and let our greatest fears step into the light knowing that other people have also shared those same beliefs and fears?

Think about the last fantastic conversation or great connection you had with someone. Was it because they were showing you a little more than that 10%? In contrast, think of some of the connections you have had that didn’t feel good. Why didn’t they feel good? Was it because they didn’t feel real or did they feel fake?

We are energetic beings and if we are tuned into energy, we can feel the connection or dis-connection of a conversation.

The Truth will set you Free.

Several years ago while attending a workshop in New York with the great Debbie Ford we did a great exercise on the healing powers of ‘The truth will set you Free‘.

In this exercise, Debbie and her team of facilitators stood up on the stage and shared their deepest fears and beliefs.

Wow! How powerful was this! I remember thinking at the time that this was such a great leveller of life realising that the Life Coach Guru I had admired for so long still had negative beliefs about herself that she was still healing!

In conclusion, too many of us are walking around in this fake 10% of life. Unfortunately, this doesn’t feel good. When you disconnect with yourself, you will often only attract those who are also disconnected.

Sydney Life Coach and Confidence Expert.

Based in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, Lisa Phillips is the Founder of Amazing Coaching.  The award winning Life Coach has over 20 years experience.   She is also the author of The Confidence Coach Book.

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