What does it take to Change?

I have been clearing out my work inbox and life coaching files  this week and came across an old handout I used to give to my Life Coaching clients on ‘What does it take to change

I don’t tend to distribute this hand out very often, so thought I would post it on my blog for you to enjoy. Many of us resist change ( and that is perfectly normal!) so I hope you find some inspiration from it.

What does it take to change?

• Some desire to change our behaviour
• A willingness to try something new, even if we feel scared or anxious.
• A willingness to be kind to ourselves first

• A willingness to accept that there is not such thing as a perfect response to every situation
• A willingness to examine ourselves and be open to new ways of thinking and handling situations
• Acceptance that change can be easy
• A willingness to focus on feeling better
• A willingness to accept that not everyone will like me and being ok with that.
• A willingness to be open and accepting with our own emotions  ( and don’t judge them)
• A willingness to accept that our own path is the right path
• A willingness to let your guidance lead you in the direction of your desires
• A willingness to accept that we often have no control over situations or other people
• A willingness to accept that ‘ bad days’ are just part of the process and actually bring us closer to our desires.

Sydney Life Coach Lisa Phillips has over 18 years experience and is the author of ‘ The Confidence Coach’.  Lisa works with clients across Australia and internationally, via Skype or face to face sessions.  To contact her for how she can assist you feel good and release negative emotions, please contact Lisa at [email protected].   Please also see her client testimonials here. 

what does it take to change