What do you LIKE about You?

When I ask people this simple question,  they often look at me strangely or look terrified. Isn’t  it interesting that we find it much easier to say negative things about me_xlargeourselves than verbally share something that we like about ourselves?

So, what do you like about You?

The truth is, as human beings we rarely complement ourselves nor do we realise how unique and special we  really are!  We often find it much easier to be nicer to other people than we do to ourselves.


So todays blog is really simple and you can be as creative as your choose.  All you need  to do is write down as many things that you like about YOU!

This could be your hair, the colour of your eyes or maybe that fact that you are a kind loving person. Perhaps you are rather fond of your cooking skills. Maybe you are helpful, funny or a good driver?  Again, these don’t need to be major things, just simple traits / habits or whatever, that you like about YOU.

It is also normal to feel some resistance in doing this exercise so if this is you – just take a few deep breaths and give yourself permission to start.  Many of us have not be taught from an early age that it is a good thing to say nice things about ourselves so please be patient with yourself.


Lisa Phillips is the author of ‘ The Confidence Coach’.  Based in Sydney,  she appears regularly in the media and speaks at large events. To find out more about Life and Confidence Coach Lisa Phillips, please see www.amazingcoaching.com.au