TV Confidence Coach on The Love Destination

Lisa Phillips,  award winning Sydney Life Coach and author of ‘ The Confidence Coach‘ is going to be the TV Confidence Coach on the Love Destination!

The Australian Life Coach was delighted to asked to be one of the expert Life Coaches on the new ‘ Netflix’ type platform which is launching on over 8 million consumer-electronic devices in the U.S. in 2018.

A new digital TV service, The Love Destination, dubbed the ‘Netflix for everything love, dating and relationships’ aims to help alleviate loneliness and inspire and empower women.

The Love Destination has already built a substantial following, and in 2018 will launch its new offering: a global digital subscription video-on-demand (V0D) network for everything love, dating and relationships.

By combining two massive multi-billion dollar markets: e-Learning (US$163B) and digital TV, the network is re-defining digital TV and filling a void in the $36.5 billion dollar marketplace.

For U.S. $9.95 per month, members will access unlimited expert-led online courses, how to’s, lifestyle, documentaries, films and educational content.

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Sydney Life Coach Lisa Phillips originally worked with  CEO Katia Loisel several years ago where she was featured as a Confidence Coach on The Love Destination Expert Series.   Katia Loisel is an internationally renowned relationship and body language expert, with over 19 years experience working in content production and media.

You can see a few of these video clips here 

Sydney Life Coach Lisa Phillips has a real passion for public speaking and loves sharing her expert tips on camera.   A few of the topics that will be covered in the Love Destination include:

To find out more about Sydney Life Coach and Confidence expert Lisa Phillips,  please check out her  website at   To view more of Lisa’ media clips, check out her media page here.

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