The Law of Attraction and Receiving

The law of attraction and receiving makes it clear that if you want to receive what you have been asking for, then you must be open to receiving it!  It is no good just asking for what you want – you must be open to receiving your manifestations with open arms, knowing that you deserve and are worthy of receiving your desires. 

Women in particular, are pretty rubbish at receiving.   We are perfectly happy to give away our time, energy and love onto others, but often reject it when it comes back to us.  How often have you rejected a compliment or an offer for help because you didn’t want to put anyone out or felt undeserving?

Learning to Receive what you Want

However if you want to use the law of attraction and receiving to your advantage, you need to remember that the  actual giving/receiving process is a continuous cycle. Learning to receive is a key part of the Law of Attraction process.  If we only end up just giving and giving then the cycle is never completed and we can end up blocking the entire process. This can be very frustrating!  

Now, it takes a little focus to us the law of attraction and receiving appropriately. We often don’t feel that we deserve to be given nice things, or we panic that others will suffer because of what we receive. 
Now listen carefully – You do deserve all the gifts and kindness you receive! Remember, there is heaps of love and kindness the universe to go around so be open to receiving because you are worth it! 

Lisa Phillips is an award winning Life Coach and Confidence Coach based in Sydney.  Lisa is also the author of The Confidence Coach Book.   To find out more about Lisa, please see