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16 05, 2019

Sydney Life Coaching Packages

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Just google ' Sydney Life Coaching packages' and you will discover the huge range of possibilities available! So how do you choose the right Life Coaching Package for you? Depending on what type of Life Coach you choose to work with, most  Life Coaches will offer you a wide range of specific  Life Coaching Packages or Life Coaching Programs. At Amazing Coaching,  I [...]

14 05, 2019

Pointing the Blame Finger

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Are you always pointing the blame finger? Do you end up blaming everyone else for all the issues in your life?  Is it always someone else's FAULT? This may not be the news you were waiting to hear but YOU alone are responsible for what is happening in your life right now!  Take a minute to read that again and let the words [...]

5 02, 2019

Feeling Unhappy?

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Feeling Unhappy? Ok I admit it, as human beings we often have days of  feeling unhappy! However, many of us make feeling unhappy into an artform! Be honest with yourself - have you ( or someone you know) made feeling unhappy your dominant lifestyle?  Have you just accepted consistent feelings of unhappiness? Have you just settled for unhappiness in your life, career, relationships [...]

2 02, 2019

Looking for Interview Coaching?

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Interview Coaching Do you have a new job interview coming up or do you need some assistance in feeling confident in your career? Why not try Interview Coaching or Career Coaching? Job Interviews These days,  being a successful applicant for a job can mean a lot more than attending an interview.  Depending on the type of job you are applying for, it may [...]

20 11, 2018

Sydney Life Coaching in Irish Examiner

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Sydney Life Coaching in Irish Examiner Sydney Life Coaching expert Lisa Phillips has had her expert Life Coaching tips featured in the Irish Examiner twice in November 2018. Amazing Coaching - The Sydney Life Coach you deserve!  Lisa Phillips is the CEO of Amazing Coaching.  which was founded in Sydney in 2000.  Lisa has  over 18 years experience as a Life Coach, Confidence [...]

18 11, 2018

Sydney Life Coach in Woman Magazine

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Sydney Life Coach in Woman Magazine Award winning Sydney Life Coach and confidence / self esteem  expert Lisa Phillips is delighted to be featured in the UK edition of Woman Magazine this month.  ( Oct 2018). The magazine article focussed on Divorce and how despite the fact it may not feel like it at the time - it can turn out to be [...]

1 11, 2018

Healthy Relationships

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Healthy Relationships We all have different definitions of Healthy Relationships. However, for a relationship to be healthy, it should include some key ingredients. Having Healthy Relationships starts with YOU. We all have a story about our relationships.  If like me,  you have had a past filled with unhealthy relationships, it is easy to place the blame on our partners.  We point the finger [...]

26 10, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions – Sydney Life Coaching

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Frequently Asked Questions - Sydney Life Coaching Frequently asked questions about Sydney Life Coach Lisa Phillips including how long it takes, how much it costs, what happens if you don’t live in Sydney and much more! Do you guarantee results from your Sydney life coaching or Confidence Coaching? Yes.  The truth is that I haven't yet had a client who didn't feel better [...]

26 09, 2018

Struggling with Negative Emotions

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Struggling with Negative Emotions Are you struggling with negative emotions?  You are not alone! One of the key reasons people engage my services as a Sydney Life Coach and Sydney Confidence Coach is they are struggling with negative emotions such as: Guilt Lack of Life Purpose Low Self Esteem and Confidence Struggling with  self belief Feeling Stuck in life They wish to move [...]

18 09, 2018

Law of Attraction Coach

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Law of Attraction Coach As an award winning Australian Life Coach with over 18 years experience, I have always incorporated the laws of Attraction into my coaching business.  Over the years, I have been delighted about the amount of clients who reach out for me as they are looking specifically for a Law of Attraction Coach  specialist to assist them. What is the [...]