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TV Confidence Coach on The Love Destination

TV Confidence Coach on The Love Destination
Lisa Phillips,  award winning Sydney Life Coach and author of ‘ The Confidence Coach’ is going to be the TV Confidence Coach on the Love Destination!

The Australian Life Coach was delighted to asked to be one of the expert Life Coaches on the new ‘ Netflix’ type platform which is launching on over 8 […]

Struggling with Negative Emotions

Struggling with Negative Emotions
Are you struggling with negative emotions?  You are not alone! One of the key reasons people engage my services as a Sydney Life Coach and Sydney Confidence Coach is they are struggling with negative emotions such as:

Lack of Life Purpose
Low Self Esteem and Confidence
Struggling with  self belief
Feeling Stuck in life
They wish […]

5 Tips about Confidence to Make you Think

5 Tips about Confidence to Make you Think
I am doing some radio this week with BBC Radio.    They invite a guest to come into the studio each week and record 5 x 1 minute recordings on the topic of their expertise.   The idea behind this concept is to make listeners stop for 1 minute a day and tune […]

You are Never Wrong! The Confidence Coach

You are Never Wrong – An article by Sydney Confidence Coach
How many times a day do you think you have done something wrong? Whether it is missing the bus, being late dropping the kids off to school or feeling like you haven’t done enough?   Or it could be that you are still beating yourself up for that job or relationship […]

What is Real Inner Confidence?

What is Real Inner Confidence?
What is real inner confidence? As a Sydney Life and Confidence Coach with over 17 years experience, this is a question I am asked frequently by my clients!  Unfortunately, many of us are under the impression that real confidence is about being an extrovert, the life and soul of the party or that person that always seems comfortable being […]

Donna Seebo Radio Show Interview with Lisa Phillips

Donna Seebo Interviews The Confidence Coach
Listen to Life and Confidence Coach Lisa Phillips being interviewed on the Donna Seebo Show.

The Donna Seebo Show is broadcast ‘live’ Monday thru Friday, 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM, Pacific Time; 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM Eastern; (5:00 PM to 6:00 PM GMT). Donna Seebo features authors and experts from around the world who share […]

What do you LIKE about YOU?

What do you LIKE about You?
When I ask people this simple question,  they often look at me strangely or look terrified. Isn’t  it interesting that we find it much easier to say negative things about ourselves than verbally share something that we like about ourselves?
So, what do you like about You?
The truth is, as human beings we rarely complement ourselves […]

How to Increase Confidence

How to Increase Confidence
Lisa Phillips, Sydney Life and Confidence Coach is an expert on all things self esteem and confidence related! Lisa recently was approached by Positive Health Magazine to write an article on How to Increase Confidence.

In her book The Confidence Coach,  Life Coach Lisa talks in depth about How to Increase Confidence by building up your confidence muscle […]

Some Great Empowering Quotes for Women

Empowering Quotes for Women
I was searching on the internet yesterday for some empowering quotes to use within a  presentation that  I had been booked for on the topic of  ‘ How to Empower  Your Staff.  In doing so, I cam across this fabulous page with the best selection of empowering quotes for women I had every seen.

One of my very […]

10 Tips to Build Self Esteem

Ten tips  to Build Self Esteem
Statistics in 2017 , now show that 4 out of 5 Australians suffer from low self esteem.   To honest, this doesn’t surprise me. Therefore, in the article today,   I am going to share with you my Ten Tips to Build Self Esteem.


1) Self esteem is built from the inside out.   It like having a rock inside […]