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Self Care is more than a Manicure

Self Care is more than a Manicure
When running wellness workshops for employees or working with my Sydney Life Coaching clients, I often ask them ‘ How do you practice Self Care?‘.   Usually the common response is one of the following:

I get a manicure every two weeks
I take a hot bath
I go for walk with the dog

5 Tips about Confidence to Make you Think

5 Tips about Confidence to Make you Think
I am doing some radio this week with BBC Radio.    They invite a guest to come into the studio each week and record 5 x 1 minute recordings on the topic of their expertise.   The idea behind this concept is to make listeners stop for 1 minute a day and tune […]

Do you feel like a Special Person?

Do you feel like a special person?  
Do you feel like a special person? Someone who has unique gifts and is special to not just the world but to people around you?

I met with a new client last week.   For years she had been struggling with feeling ordinary but had a real desire to feel like a special person inside.

I […]

Are you your Own Best friend or Is your life like Burnt Toast?


Are you your Own Best friend or Is your life like Burnt Toast?

Think about it.   Many of us burn toast in the morning.    However, do leave it on the side to go cold, scrape off the burnt bits and eat it later yourself?  Do you then proceed to go and make fresh toast nice toast for everyone else?

Is this like […]

You are Never Wrong! The Confidence Coach

You are Never Wrong – An article by Sydney Confidence Coach
How many times a day do you think you have done something wrong? Whether it is missing the bus, being late dropping the kids off to school or feeling like you haven’t done enough?   Or it could be that you are still beating yourself up for that job or relationship […]

New Confidence Online Courses from Amazing Coaching

New Online Training Modules from Lisa Phillips now available!

It has taken a while to hatch but at last, Amazing Coaching is ready to launch a range of  online training modules!  We are very excited about this as people across the world have been requesting Lisa’s workshops and presentations to be available online for some time and now it is ready to launch!

The new training portal […]

The fear of self praise

I regularly talk about self praise – in fact, it is one of the key tips in several of my keynote speaker topics such as ‘How to be Your Own Best Friend’ or ‘How to Engage and Empower Your Staff’. (Please see  It is an action step I also often get my Life Coaching clients involved in as well!

In discussing the […]

Positivity is a Choice!

We all get negative from time to time and that is just part of life. However, it is fair to say that on occasion, many of us often struggle to find the positive in everyday situations.

I recently launched a new workshop titled ‘How to be a more positive person’. This is a brand new workshop and I recently spoke on this very topic for Celebrity […]

Let it go!

Let it go! So many of us are still carrying hurts, resentments and pain from years ago – even decades ago! We talk about these hurts to anyone who will listen, we use them as our excuse for the way we are, our beliefs and how we live our lives. We defend our past pains, justify them as a reason […]

Do you know what your Personal Preferences are?

In my Sydney Life and Confidence Coaching practice, I work with my coaching clients to first identify and honour their own unique personal preferences.   These are the things that often bring us our unique sense of joy and fun.   When we align with these things, we will experience positive emotion.

For many of us, recognising that we are truly a unique being, living […]