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Frequently Asked Questions – Sydney Life Coaching

Frequently Asked Questions – Sydney Life Coaching
Frequently asked questions about Sydney Life Coach Lisa Phillips including how long it takes, how much it costs, what happens if you don’t live in Sydney and much more!
Do you guarantee results from your Sydney life coaching or Confidence Coaching?
Yes.  The truth is that I haven’t yet had a client who didn’t feel better […]

Do you Feel Safe in the World?

Do you feel safe in the world?
Many of us do not feel safe in the world.    We fear that something bad will happen to us or our families and feel that the world is not safe.   We fear the worst and don’t attempt to do things we really want to do as we fear we are not safe […]

Feeling Inferior to Other People

Do you believe everyone else is ‘ Better than You’?  Do you put other people on a pedestal with you standing below them feeling somewhat ‘ Less than’ or inferior?

We are all vulnerable of feeling inferior at some time in our life.  This is particularly obvious with the growth social media, when we are bombarded with images of people sharing […]

The Confidence Coach interview in the South City Bulletin

Confident people are easy to recognise. They are self-assured and have a way of holding their heads high, whilst radiating a sense of ease that is noticeable to everyone who crosses their path. They leave many of us wishing that a little of that confidence would rub off on us, and that we could glide through our lives in a […]

Confidence and Self Esteem Interview on eHealth Radio Network

Confidence and Self Esteem Interview
Sydney Life and Confidence Coach Lisa Phillips, was recently interviewed on the topic of Confidence and Self Esteem on ehealth Radio Network.

During this Interview, award winning Confidence Coach Lisa spoke about her own journey into Confidence and Self Esteem and shared her top tips on How to become a more confident person.   You can listen to […]

Why my Work as a Life Coach has Changed

A blog by Life and Confidence Coach Lisa Phillips

I have to admit it, I am a huge fan of Esther and Abraham Hicks and have been lucky enough to spend many delicious weeks attending their workshops both in Australia, Europe and the USA.  From a self development point of view, this work is leading edge  and in my opinion, the most […]

Top Tips for Goal Setting and New Year Resolutions by Sydney Life Coach, Lisa Phillips

Make 2014 the year you finally achieve your New Year’s Resolutions, by Sydney Life Coach, Lisa Phillips
Every December people around the world are filled with motivation and enthusiasm.  They promise themselves that in New Year they’ll start going to the gym, give up smoking, start saving money, begin a new career… but year after year people continue to fail to […]

Creating Abundance

Creating Abundance
Now  I am working on my Life Coaching and writing as a full time role (2012)   I have also been working on creating  abundance in my life.   This needs to be done quickly in order to keep me in the shoe habit that I enjoy!


One of the things which I have become aware of, are my thoughts […]

Having a Postive Mental Attitude

Would you like to feel more positive? Would you like to develop and focus on having a positive mental attitude?

There is actually a key difference between positive and negative people.  People with a positive attitude tend to look for solutions to problems whereas negative people tend to look for more problems and expect life to be […]

Two of My Favourite Meditations

Two of my Favourite Meditations
As a Sydney Life Coach and Confidence Coach,  I often suggest  that my clients spend some time in meditation. Not only to feel good but to manifest what they desire.   I know lots of people avoid meditating – often explaining that they find it difficult or can’t concentrate.    I suggest actually only meditating for […]