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29 01, 2014

Having a Positive Day

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Set Yourself up for a Positive Day – Every Day! Think back to this morning - How did you feel when your alarm went off?  Did you drag yourself out of bed mumbling about your day at work or what you needed to get done that day?  Or did you jump out of bed with excitement wondering what wonderful things the day has [...]

16 01, 2014

Standing up for Yourself

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How do you react if someone over steps your boundaries or makes an inappropriate comment towards you? Do you feel anxious or awkward? Your body is a great compass and will usually highlight in some way, that you are being faced with inappropriate behaviour and that you may need to take some action towards the person who has made the snide remark, or [...]

27 12, 2013

Affirmations for Abundance

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Affirmations of Abundant Supply: Here are a few of my favourite affirmations for abundance.  If you have struggled iwth abudance for a while, I would start with the affirmations which begin ' Wouldn't it be nice'.  The idea is to feel good about money when you do the affirmations. Lisa Phillips is a Life Coach based in Sydney.  For more information, please see [...]

12 12, 2013

Top Tips for Goal Setting and New Year Resolutions by Sydney Life Coach, Lisa Phillips

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Make 2014 the year you finally achieve your New Year’s Resolutions, by Sydney Life Coach, Lisa Phillips Every December people around the world are filled with motivation and enthusiasm.  They promise themselves that in New Year they’ll start going to the gym, give up smoking, start saving money, begin a new career... but year after year people continue to fail to achieve their [...]

9 12, 2013

How to Stop Being a Doormat

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I admit. I suffered from doormat syndrome for years and it cost me dearly. I didn’t just dip my toe into the occasional doormat situation; I was a serial doormat addict who seethed with anger on the inside while smiling sweetly on the outside. I was almost proud to be a doormat, because it made me feel like a nice girl. So why [...]

5 12, 2013

Learning to Forgive Yourself

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Forgiving yourself In my 12 years working as a Sydney Life Coach,  I don’t think I have ever met anyone who wasn’t still beating themselves up over something which may have happened years ago.  So in this week’s blog, I will be sharing with you the gift of self-forgiveness so that you can set yourself free! Are you always criticising yourself?  Do you find [...]

4 12, 2013

New Year’s Resolution

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The Bad News I don't want wish to come across as a party pooper but apparently, over 95% of people will fail miserably to accomplish those New Year resolutions which you have proudly set yourself. No, it isn't because as a human race we are a bunch of weak willed jellyfish, it is more to due with the fact that the resolutions you set, [...]

30 07, 2013

Your Life is a Mirror

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Your Life is a Mirror When I first came thought deeply about the adage ' Your Life is a Mirror'  I was attending a workshop in the USA with  Number 1 bestselling Life Coach and author Debbie Ford.  To be honest, I found thinking about ' Life as a mirror' as rather  confrontational. Of course I had heard the old adage that ‘your [...]

30 04, 2013

Having Trouble with Affirmations?

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Having Trouble With Affirmations? As a Sydney Life Coach with over 18 years experience, I am a huge fan of Affirmations.   However, I do know that some people are not so keen and tend to have trouble believing that affirmation work.     When helping my clients with affirmations,  I often encourage them to use a ' Wouldn't it be nice' statement in front [...]