feeling unhappy

Feeling Unhappy?

Feeling Unhappy?
Ok I admit it, as human beings we often have days of  feeling unhappy!

However, many of us make feeling unhappy into an artform!

Be honest with yourself – have you ( or someone you know) made feeling unhappy your dominant lifestyle?  Have you just accepted consistent feelings of unhappiness?

Have you just settled for unhappiness in your life, career, relationships or […]

Are you Waiting to Feel Happy?

Waiting to feel happy?
In today’s blog we will be chatting about Happiness. Happiness really is such a simple concept, but many of us struggle to feel good on a daily basis and are just waiting to feel happy.
Many of us are just hanging around waiting for something great to  happen to make us feel happy.
We say we WILL feel  happy […]

Are you Scared to Change?

Are you Scared to Change?
When I meet my Life Coaching clients for the first time, the majority of people actually know deep down what they SHOULD be doing, but they are not moving forward due to fear of what COULD happen.  This had me thinking about how many of us are scared to change.

We often fear the worst if […]