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14 05, 2019

Pointing the Blame Finger

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Are you always pointing the blame finger? Do you end up blaming everyone else for all the issues in your life?  Is it always someone else's FAULT? This may not be the news you were waiting to hear but YOU alone are responsible for what is happening in your life right now!  Take a minute to read that again and let the words [...]

13 03, 2019

How to Value Yourself

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How to Value Yourself Do you know how to value yourself? Our sense of value, our worthiness is this world is shaped when we are just a young child.   We gain our sense of value from how we witness other peoples reactions to us and their behaviour towards us. As a small child we interpreted our value in this world from interactions [...]

5 03, 2019

14 Day Self Esteem Challenge

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Fancy a 14 day Self Esteem Challenge? Check out Sydney  Life Coach Lisa Phillips at! The Love Destination The Love Destination is a brand new app that is available on iTunes, android etc.   It is a handy app to have to tap into the worlds best experts on topics such as dating, relationships, confidence, love and much much more.   You [...]

17 02, 2019

Do you Feel Stuck in Life?

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Do you Feel Stuck in Life? As a Sydney Life Coach, I have had plenty of coaching clients ask for help as they Feel Stuck in Life! It sounds strange, but I always love to hear clients telling me they feel stuck!   For me, it means the client has some strong goals or desires, but their beliefs have not yet caught up [...]

3 02, 2019

Sydney Life Coach Amazon Video

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Sydney Life Coach on Amazon Video Award winning Sydney Life Coach and Confidence expert Lisa Phillips is now appearing on Amazon video.   Lisa is the Confidence Coach and Life Coach on  The Love Destination Expert Series TV show.  You can see the award winning Sydney Life Coach on  Amazon Video for Free if you are a Prime member.   If not, you [...]

2 02, 2019

Looking for Interview Coaching?

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Interview Coaching Do you have a new job interview coming up or do you need some assistance in feeling confident in your career? Why not try Interview Coaching or Career Coaching? Job Interviews These days,  being a successful applicant for a job can mean a lot more than attending an interview.  Depending on the type of job you are applying for, it may [...]

26 10, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions – Sydney Life Coaching

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Frequently Asked Questions - Sydney Life Coaching Frequently asked questions about Sydney Life Coach Lisa Phillips including how long it takes, how much it costs, what happens if you don’t live in Sydney and much more! Do you guarantee results from your Sydney life coaching or Confidence Coaching? Yes.  The truth is that I haven't yet had a client who didn't feel better [...]

13 01, 2018

Mindfulness and Confidence

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Mindfulness and Confidence Would you like to know about Mindfulness and Confidence?  Then join Sydney Life Coach Lisa Phillips at the Mindful Festival in Manchester, UK on Feb 3!  Speaker and  Sydney Life Coach Lisa Phillips will be sharing her tips on stage with an  inspirational talk about Mindfulness and Confidence.  The Mindful Living Festival is a two day event held both in [...]

1 11, 2017

The Confidence Muscle

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The Confidence Muscle We each have a unique definition of what confidence means to us. For some, it is the ability to stand up in public and speak with ease, and for others, it may be simply walking into a crowded room without feeling awkward or blushing from head to toe. It also could be as basic as comfortably getting naked in front [...]

30 07, 2017

Are you your Own Best friend or Is your life like Burnt Toast?

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  Are you your Own Best friend or Is your life like Burnt Toast? Think about it.   Many of us burn toast in the morning.    However, do leave it on the side to go cold, scrape off the burnt bits and eat it later yourself?  Do you then proceed to go and make fresh toast nice toast for everyone else? Is this like [...]