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Sydney Life Coach in Woman Magazine

Sydney Life Coach in Woman Magazine
Award winning Sydney Life Coach and confidence / self esteem  expert Lisa Phillips is delighted to be featured in the UK edition of Woman Magazine this month.  ( Oct 2018).

The magazine article focussed on Divorce and how despite the fact it may not feel like it at the time – it can turn out to […]

Are you your Own Best friend or Is your life like Burnt Toast?


Are you your Own Best friend or Is your life like Burnt Toast?

Think about it.   Many of us burn toast in the morning.    However, do leave it on the side to go cold, scrape off the burnt bits and eat it later yourself?  Do you then proceed to go and make fresh toast nice toast for everyone else?

Is this like […]

The Confidence Coach in Woman’s Day Magazine Aug 2017

The work of The Confidence Coach, Lisa Phillips was featured in Australia’s Woman’s Day Magazine in the August 2017 edition.  Woman’s Day is an Australian women’s magazine owned by Bauer Media Group. It is Australia’s highest selling weekly magazine.

Lisa often shares her expertise in the media in publications all over the world and she was delighted to share her tips […]

The Law of Attraction is not Working For Me!

‘ It isn’t Working for me’

Oh I wish I had a dollar for every time someone came to my Sydney Life coaching practise and complained ‘ It’s not working for me’ or ‘ Where is the money, relationship, career that I have been asking for’! Where is my stuff!!!!!’

As a Sydney Life Coach and Confidence Coach with over 17 years […]

Do You have Low Standards of Happiness?

As Human Beings, most of us generally have very low standards of Happiness for Ourselves.

Most of us make excuses and justifications for not feeling as good as we would really like to.  We put up with negative emotions, stress and low levels of self-esteem and confidence.     We tolerate unhappy careers, relationships, people and negative emotions.

The honest truth is that very […]

Amazing Coaching in the Media

As a Sydney Confidence Coach and founder of Amazing Coaching,   Lisa’s work features extensively in the media.  Her leading edge techniques are ideal for anyone, regardless of age, sex or location and as a result, she is often asked to write articles or supply expert tips relating to Confidence, self esteem, relationships and resilience in the media.

In this update […]

You are Never Wrong! The Confidence Coach

You are Never Wrong – An article by Sydney Confidence Coach
How many times a day do you think you have done something wrong? Whether it is missing the bus, being late dropping the kids off to school or feeling like you haven’t done enough?   Or it could be that you are still beating yourself up for that job or relationship […]

Don’t let a 5 minute Conversation ruin your day

Don’t Let a 5 minute Conversation Ruin your day
A blog by Award Winning Confidence Coach Lisa Phillips 

During our waking hours,  it is inevitable that we will come across a wide range of situations,  circumstances and conversations.  If these are good circumstances,  then the chances are they will leave us feeling positive and satisfied.

However, what about those 5 minute conversations […]

How to have a Confident Career at CPA Australia.

Tips for a Confident Career
Sydney Confidence Coach and Professional Speaker Lisa Phillips is delighted to be speaking at the CPA Associate Members Networking Group in Sydney on the topic of Confident Careers.

Lisa Phillips will be sharing the stage with Leadership Coach  Stacey Ashley.

This topic will include:

How to have a Confident Career 
 What stops you feeling confident at work?
Lisa’s […]

Sydney Confidence Coach in the Media

Sydney Confidence Coach in the Media
Sydney Life and Confidence Coach Lisa Phillips,  was recently interviewed for a feature in ‘ Inner Realm Magazine’ au  which is an online lifestyle and holistic magazine.  Lisa Phillips, the author of ‘The Confidence Coach’ book is also a journalist and loves to share her expertise in a wide range of magazines including Woman’s […]