Frequently Asked Questions – Sydney Life Coaching

Frequently Asked Questions – Sydney Life Coaching
Frequently asked questions about Sydney Life Coach Lisa Phillips including how long it takes, how much it costs, what happens if you don’t live in Sydney and much more!
Do you guarantee results from your Sydney life coaching or Confidence Coaching?
Yes.  The truth is that I haven’t yet had a client who didn’t feel better […]

Let go of Anger

Let go of Anger
Many of my  Life Coaching clients  have not learned the healthy way to Let go of Anger.  Instead, we swallow our anger or push it down.  Also,many of us fear displaying anger just in case it causes  more hassle or even danger towards yourself and your loved ones.  We don’t like to ‘ rock the boat’ or […]

The Confidence Coach interview in the South City Bulletin

Confident people are easy to recognise. They are self-assured and have a way of holding their heads high, whilst radiating a sense of ease that is noticeable to everyone who crosses their path. They leave many of us wishing that a little of that confidence would rub off on us, and that we could glide through our lives in a […]

Do You have Low Standards of Happiness?

As Human Beings, most of us generally have very low standards of Happiness for Ourselves.

Most of us make excuses and justifications for not feeling as good as we would really like to.  We put up with negative emotions, stress and low levels of self-esteem and confidence.     We tolerate unhappy careers, relationships, people and negative emotions.

The honest truth is that very […]

You are Never Wrong! The Confidence Coach

You are Never Wrong – An article by Sydney Confidence Coach
How many times a day do you think you have done something wrong? Whether it is missing the bus, being late dropping the kids off to school or feeling like you haven’t done enough?   Or it could be that you are still beating yourself up for that job or relationship […]

Why Goal Setting Doesn’t Work

 Goal Setting doesn’t work!
Sydney Life and Confidence Coach Lisa recently wrote an article for Australian Coaching Life Magazine on the Topic ‘ Why Goal Setting Doesn’t Work.

Coaching Life  magazine focusses on professional coaches around the world including Sporting Coaches. The focus on the magazine this month  was on the topic of Goal Setting.  However, Sydney Life and Confidence Coach Lisa […]

5 Confidence Tips for Small Business Owners

If you are a small business owner, it is very easy to lose confidence and also, if you are not careful, let your clients and customers take advantage of you!  Please see below for my 5 top confidence tips for Small Business Owners which was featured in the Summer edition of Inside Small Business Magazine ( 2015)

Whether you are considering […]

15 Tips to Boost your Confidence

Note- this article originally featured in

Do you end up shaking in your boots at the mere thought of being assertive or taking a risk? If so, don’t panic. Most of us suffer from a lack of confidence at one point and you can learn to build confidence at any age – regardless of your past.

Check out these 15 tips […]

An Attitude of Gratitude

You cannot be unhappy and grateful at the same time.  So remember to count your blessings.
— Dr John Demartini

I know life isn’t always a bed of roses and it is often difficult to find something to be grateful for – or appreciate in your life.  Many of us focus our thoughts each day on what is wrong with our lives […]

Changing the Negative Thoughts into Positive Ones

Do you find that your mind is continually focusing on negative thoughts? If so, try replacing these old worn out patterns with some health replacements.

See below for a few ideas:

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