What are Healthy Boundaries?

What are Healthy Boundaries?
Setting boundaries is an important skill.  However, many of us haven’t learned how to set Healthy boundaries and as a result, end up being treated like a doormat or having the disease to please.  Boundaries are our person guidelines, rules or limits of how we want people to treat us.  They also show other people how we […]

Personal Boundaries and How to Establish them

Hi everyone and I hope you are enjoying the British Summer weather.  It is winter here in Sydney so I am envious!

Today we are going to talk about the importance of personal boundaries and how you may feel if you allow someone to over step or walk all over your boundaries.

Setting good boundaries is healthy

Have you ever walked away from […]

How Good are Your Boundaries?

Build Strong Boundaries
Have you ever walked away from a person, event or situation and felt resentful or violated? If some of your experiences are making you uncomfortable, then it may be time to build strong boundaries.  Building good boundaries is healthy. It is not rude, bad or wrong. It is not bad or rude or wrong!

YES, I repeated that statement […]