Just google ‘ Sydney Life Coaching packages‘ and you will discover the huge range of possibilities available!

So how do you choose the right Life Coaching Package for you?

Depending on what type of Life Coach you choose to work with, most  Life Coaches will offer you a wide range of specific  Life Coaching Packages or Life Coaching Programs.

At Amazing Coaching,  I offer a various  Life Coaching packages.  However, whatever package you choose,  we will often cover the following:

  1. How to first connect with the authentic you.
  2. How your beliefs impact your reality
  3. Where your negative beliefs come from
  4. How your programming impacts your life and what you can do about it
  5. The importance of aligning to your authentic preferences
  6. Releasing negative habits such as people pleasing, worrying what people think etc
  7. Getting ‘ unstuck’
  8. Learn strategies to increase your confidence & self-belief around your goals and desire
  9. Increasing your life purpose and gaining clarity and direction
  10. Qualified guidance, support every step of the way

Sydney Life Coaching Packages

The Life Coaching Programs offered by Lisa Phillips include:

  1. Career Kick Start Package
  2. Release Negative Emotions Package
  3. Build Confidence and Self Esteem Package
  4. Healing from Toxic Relationships Package
  5. Find your Life Purpose Package
  6. The Get Back on Track in your Life Program
  7. Find the Healthy Relationship you want Package
  8. Mentoring and Build your Business Package

Pay as You Go Life Coaching Packages

As an award winning Life Coach with 20 years experience,   pay as you go Life Coaching sessions my most popular.

The reason for this is that whatever you may be struggling with in your life,  it often all comes down to your negative beliefs, programming and the flawed premises we have in life.

Therefore,  this area needs to be covered off regardless of your main reason for engaging a Life Coach.    If you just need help, are struggling to feel good on a regular basis, or just want a life filled with more happiness, then I recommend a tailored pay as you go package.   This way, when we heal what is going on inside of you,  you will automatically gain what you desire in your outer world, be in more career clarity, healthier relationships, your life purpose and more Confidence!

Most clients only require 6 hours of Life Coaching with me.   This can be taken face to face, on the telephone or via online coaching.

Don’t take my word for it,  please take a look at my Life Coaching Testimonials. 

Sydney Life Coaching with Lisa Phillips

Lisa Phillips is one of Sydney’s most experienced Life Coaches.    Lisa has over 20 years experience and is also a qualified NLP Master and a qualified Counsellor.

Her expertise is regularly featured in the Media.   As the author of ‘ The Confidence Coach‘ book,  Lisa provides leading edge expertise on how to build your inner confidence, self belief and self esteem.

She is also the current Confidence Coaching expert on The Love Destination TV.