Sydney Life Coach on Amazon Video

Award winning Sydney Life Coach and Confidence expert Lisa Phillips is now appearing on Amazon video.   Lisa is the Confidence Coach and Life Coach on  The Love Destination Expert Series TV show. 

You can see the award winning Sydney Life Coach on  Amazon Video for Free if you are a Prime member.   If not, you can download the videos for only 0.99c.

Lisa’s Video Tips

In this episode, the Sydney Life Coach shares her tips on:

  1. What Stops Confidence?
  2. Tips to Build Confidence

The Love Destination Expert Series

The Love Destination Expert series is an online self development dating show.  It includes videos from experts all around the world sharing tips on personal development topics such as:

  • Healthy Dating Tips
  • Dating as a Single Mum
  • Body Image and Body Language
  • How to get over your Ex
  • The Importance of Self Love

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The current videos of Sydney Life Coach on Amazon video was filmed  in Sydney, Australia.    However, the new Love Destination Expert Series will be launching in early 2019.   In this new expert series,  where Lisa will be sharing lots more Personal Development videos and tips on topics such as Toxic relationships,  Resilience, Self Esteem, People Pleasing and Managing Stress.  

The series is available both on and

Lisa is an award winning Life Coach and Confidence Coach.   She is also the author of The Confidence Coach book. 

Lisa Phillips has over twenty years experience and  is a regular in the media.  She works with clients all over Australia including Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne.   She is also available for skype or phone sessions around the world.    Lisa is also the author of ‘ The Confidence Coach’ book.   (Exile 2015)

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You can also email her for a no – obligation chat on how she can help you at [email protected]


Sydney Life Coach Amazon Video