Struggling with Negative Emotions

Are you struggling with negative emotions?  You are not alone! One of the key reasons people engage my services as a Sydney Life Coach and Sydney Confidence Coach is they are struggling with negative emotions such as:

  • Guilt
  • Lack of Life Purpose
  • Low Self Esteem and Confidence
  • Struggling with  self belief
  • Feeling Stuck in life
  • They wish to move forward in areas such as relationships, career, friendships etc
  • A wish to feel more authentic
  • A feeling that they are not good enough, not loveable enough, not important enough or just struggle to feel good.
  • Need help and support to move forward in life and feel good!

If you are struggling with negative emotions, life just feels like hard work, a struggle and exhausting. I liken this to taking a canoe upstream.

Sydney Life Coaching can help!

As an award winning  Life Coach with over 18 years experience, I can help you easily release the need and let go of struggling with negative emotions.   Even if you have been struggling with negative emotions for years, change does not need to be difficult!  In fact, it should be more like taking a canoe Downstream, with ease and in the flow.

For Example:

As a Confidence expert, people often engage me to assist them with their lack of confidence, self belief and self esteem.   This process is not about ‘ faking it till you make it‘ as in doing this, you are struggling to force yourself to be something that you may not really want to be!

Real confidence is finding authentic confidence inside of you and tapping into your real self – the self with value, high self regard and self approval.  When you tap into this, you no longer find yourself struggling with negative emotions and confidence comes to you with ease and full integration.  It is an inner process, not a process of gaining approval from other people or forcing yourself to be something that doesn’t really feel good to you!

Reach out for Help!

As a qualified Counsellor and Life Coach with over 18 years experience, I can help you feel good and stop struggling with negative emotions in only a few Life Coaching sessions.  Each session lasts 1 hour and Sydney Life Coaching sessions can be face to face, via Skype or messenger or just over the telephone.  Why not drop me an email to find out how I  an assist you at [email protected]

Who is Sydney Life Coach Lisa Phillips?

Lisa Phillips is one of Australia’s most experienced Life Coaches.  Her work appears regularly in the Australian media and she is the author of ‘ The Confidence Coach‘ ( Exile 2015).  For testimonials of Lisa’s work, please see here.  To view Lisa’s UK Life Coaching site, please see

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