downloadDo you find yourself pointing the blame finger or blaming other people for your current situation in life?

Do you blame the economy, your clients or your parents for problems or issues you are currently experiencing?

We all find ourselves doing this occasionally in life but if you find yourself blaming others and not moving forward, you are failing to take responsibility for your life and handing your power over to others to impact your own life, e.g.

“My partner always stops me doing things”

“It’s my parents fault I’m not more confident”

“If only my clients would pay on time everything would be ok”

When I hear my clients pointing the blame finger, I always point out to them that in actual fact, we are failing to take responsibility ourselves.

Ok, you may feel that you lack confidence due to the way you were brought up but hey, you are an adult now and you can choose to do something about it.

When we point the blame finger we are also rendering ourselves as being helpless and making excuses for why we don’t move forward.

So this New Year, ask yourself how can you take responsibility for your own life and move forward?

What action could you take to take responsibility for your life?

When you decide, align with this action and you will find that you will naturally move forward.

LIsa Phillips is a Life Coach based in Sydney.  For more information on Lisa, please see or