download2We all have those days, you know, the one’s when you wake up worrying about the day ahead, worrying about what happened yesterday and generally filling our minds with stress, worry and negative thoughts.    This is very normal and is just a habit of chronic negative thinking.

The issue with this is that these negative thoughts build momentum during the day, creating more stressful thoughts, feelings and of course, experiences.    This is just the law of attraction doing what it does best which is creating more of what you feel and think about!An effective way of bucking this momentum is to consciously focus on creating positive momentum as soon as you get up, or as early as you can during your day.

This is simple, it just means reaching for a thought or feeling that feels good, and then practising this for a few minutes.   This way, you are building momentum of positive thoughts, rather than negative ones!    Again, the good news is that the law of attraction will jump in and create more of what you think and feel about!

In my confidence coaching practice, people state that they find this difficult but in my opinion, it is just lazy focussing.   Yes, it can take a little practice at first, but surely you can find some positive thoughts or feelings of appreciation for several minutes each morning?

The way that works for me is by sitting quietly with my coffee and focussing on the positive things in my life or things I like to feel.    Therefore, I sit and remind myself that I am part of this universe, I am source energy and the law of attraction is working with me.  I also remind myself that I am worthy and deserve to feel good.    I then might stroke my cat for a while, or conjure up feelings in my body that I would like my day to be filled with such as fun, happiness and ease.

Usually this is enough to build positive momentum and then, the law of attraction supplies me with even more thoughts and feelings to feel positive about!    The good news is that momentum then builds up with the result that I end up filling my body and mind with positive feelings which continue during my day.

So why not set yourself up for a good day by creating some positive momentum each morning?  Even if you forget, re-set your momentum at any time by doing this process.

Lisa Phillips is a Confidence Coach based in Sydney.  Lisa features regularly in the media and is a popular speaker on the topics of empowerment and confidence. For more information, please see

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