Did you know that while you sleep, your vibration naturally re-set’s itself? As a result, if you want to give yourself the best chance of having a good day, it’s wise to focus on gently building good feelings as soon as you wake up.

When coaching clients, professional speaking, or running workshops for my clients, I often discuss the importance of making your own emotional wellbeing a priority. Therefore, in order to create a great feeling day, make it your intention to start your day feeling good.

In reality, many of us wake up dreading the day (especially on a Monday!), and as a result we start our day with worry, anxious thoughts and thinking about all the stuff we need to do. However, in doing this, we are unconsciously starting the momentum of negative thoughts and as a result, the more we do this, the more the momentum will build and our negative thoughts will just get stronger and stronger throughout the day. Unless we take a nap that is – then the good news is that we can re-set our vibrational set point again!

To prevent this happening, and to make it much easier for us to have a good day, start each morning focussing on general good things. Remember, our vibration when we wake up has re-set, so we need to set the momentum heading downstream in a positive direction, rather than unconsciously allow it to build up momentum in an upstream way or negative direction.

As I run my own business, I appreciate the fact that I can get up early, make myself a cuppa and head back to bed for half an hour! However, my main reason for doing this ritual every morning is to give myself the best chance to build up positive momentum. It is during this time that I gently start to appreciate the general things in my life, such as the warm duvet (especially on cold winter mornings!), the love for my cat, and the simple things in life such as my lovely cup of tea, the fact that I care about myself enough to go back to bed or even the technology beside me that allows me to check my emails from my bed! In appreciating these very general and simple things, I allow my vibration to raise and the positive momentum builds. As a result, within 15 minutes I have created a new positive vibrational set point. The benefits of this are great including:

1) It feels really good!

2) I have set myself up for a great day.

3) My new positive vibrational set point will now attract other high vibrational experiences, people and situations towards me.

Building up a high vibration each morning does take a little practice but in around 4 weeks, you will end up naturally walking up with this new higher emotional set point. Once this happens, you won’t have to keep reaching for things to appreciate or feel good about, as you will already feel good.   From this point, it then makes it easier to expand and reach for even more good feelings.

Lisa Phillips is an author, confidence coach and Professional speaker based in Sydney Australia. Lisa regularly speaks at conferences and runs workshops for organisations on a range of topics including Confidence, Self Empowerment, Resilience and Team Building. Lisa is also the author of ‘The Confidence Coach’. To find out more, please see www.amazingcoaching.com.au or www.howtoempoweryourstaff.com.au