How to Spice Up Valentines Day

Have you been in a relationship with your partner for years? Are you looking to do something different on Valentines Day?  Wouldn’t it be nice to just do something different to spice up your valentines day rather than just the usual flowers and chocolates?

This month, In UniladUK, Sydney Life Coach Lisa Phillips shared her expertise in an article called ‘ How to celebrate Valentines Day, without actually celebrating it.   You can read the full article in UniladUK  here. 

Making Your Partner Feel Special and Important

Doing something new, having some fun, trying a new activity together can really inject some fun into your relationship . It is easy to fall into the trap of taking each other for granted.  Making the effort to do something different helps us focus on why we chose our partner in the first place.  It can also remind us why we fell in love with them!

We all like to feel special and important so why not spice up Valentines day a little and make a new refreshed effort for your partner?

Lisa’s Tips for to Spice up Valentines day included:

1. Do something fun!  When we get into the more mundane parts of a relationship such as living together and doing the washing, it is easy to forget to have some fun and play a little!  Why not have a picnic the house, go to a kiddies movie or take a fun dance class?   Choose something that brings out that inner child in both of you.
2. Take some time to Appreciate each other. Why tell your partner the 10 things you appreciate about them?  Remember, the more you appreciate someone, the more you will experience things to appreciate.  That’s just the Law of Attraction!
3. Write each other a love letter -it is easy to take each other for granted so remind your partner of all the things you love about them – you could even write them a poem or put a short video together.
4. Do something meaningful together. Volunteer at a homeless shelter, take part in a charity sleepover or make a donation to a charity.

Whatever you choose to do to spice up valentines day,  it is a good opportunity to connect deeply with each others hearts and connect on a deeper level.

Sydney Life Coach Lisa Phillips is an expert on all things confidence, self esteem and emotional wellbeing.  Lisa has over 20 years experience and she is the author of ‘ The Confidence Coach’ book.     The Sydney Life Coach works with clients all over the world and offers face to face and Skype Life Coaching.

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