Soothing Anxiety

Anxiety is on the increase, both in our public and private lives.  Anxiety doesn’t discriminate and sadly impacts people of all ages.  It is also a major factor in our mental health.  In today’s blog, I will share a few simple techniques for soothing anxiety.  This method of soothing anxiety is simple yet effective.  It only takes  a little gentle focus on  your thoughts for you to feel more in control of your anxiety.  In less than a minute, your emotions can feel  more ease and relief.

The Art of Self Soothing

Ideally, the art of soothing anxiety should have been something we learned in our younger years.  However, it doesn’t matter how old you are,  you can learn to self sooth to release resistance and uncomfortable feelings caused by old negative programming.

What is Self Soothing?

Self soothing is consciously reaching for any thought or feeling that gives relief from the negative thought you are currently experiencing.   It is not forcing yourself to feel better, nor is it stating an affirmation that you don’t really believe. It is simply about using your mind to focus on anything that gives you relief from negative emotions.  This can be a word, phrase, memory or even a visual of something that makes you feel a little better.

What is Anxiety?

A lot of negative thoughts causing anxiety are about the fear of what will happen.  Our anxiety get triggered and our mind is flooded with negative thoughts.  Many of these thoughts are from our past and unconscious minds.

In truth, our anxiety is caused by a current situation or thought triggering an old unhealed wound of the past.    This is the work I do with my Sydney Life Coaching clients.  It is about releasing the energy held in the unhealed wounds.  This is a quick process and the client often feels relief immediately.  When the old wound is healed,  the client will no longer feel anxiety when triggered in that specific situation.

Soothing Anxiety

Soothing anxiety is simple.   However, the examples I have used below are very general.    Each person is different and it is my job as a Sydney Life Coach to tap into the exact soothing phrases that are needed in your specific situation.

Try some of these phrases:
  • Even though I feel anxious, I am still safe
  • It’s just an old anxiety pattern,  I can handle it
  • Even though it doesn’t feel like it, everything is going to be ok.
  • I am ok, it’s ok  ( repeat until you feel a little better)
  • I am safe, nothing can hurt me, I am safe
  • I am doing really well, I can feel better
  • Wouldn’t it be nice if I could feel a little more relief right now
  • It is ok that I feel anxious right now, it will pass
  • This feeling is only temporary, it was ease in no time.


Soothing Anxiety Downstream

Imagine that your life is like a beautiful canoe floating in a stream.   You are in the canoe. Every day you have a choice where to take your canoe.  You can take it upstream – which is often hard work, exhausting and you don’t get very far!  Or, you can choose to take your canoe downstream, which is much easier, and flows with ease.

Anxiety is upstream!  Think about it, how does Anxiety FEEL to you?

The truth is that the stream symbolises your emotions.  Anytime you are struggling upstream, you experience negative emotions such as stress, anxiety, guilt, depression, frustration etc.   Most people live their life upstream! This then becomes their dominant emotion.

However, by soothing  anxiety, you are moving your canoe gently downstream. When you take the time to focus your emotions downstream, you will feel more ease, relief and eventually, increasing wellness.   The more you do this, the easier it becomes.   This then becomes you new point of attraction or vibration.

As an accredited and qualified Life and Confidence Coach with over 20 years experience, I can assist you to gain relief from negative emotions and live a downstream life!  To find out more about my work, please see ( Australia) or ( UK site).   To order copies of my book ‘ The Confidence Coach‘ please see here or Amazon UK / Amazon US.  The book is available in paperback version or ebook.

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