Those regular readers of my facebook page will know that I recently worked hard on launching a ‘donateyoursocksday‘ for the homeless  where I myself and a few other generous souls organised a day of national sock donation for the those sleeping on the streets across Australia.

I actually started this idea last year after seeing a homeless person in my local area standing next to me with bright red and obviously cold feet.

To be honest, I was totally overwhelmed with the support we received for this initiative with individuals and companies coming on board to offer locations for people to deliver socks and and most of all, people who donated socks.  We managed to collect over 1500 pairs which made me extremely happy!

It is none of my business what you think of me

One interesting point of view was from an individual ( who will remain nameless) who contacted me on several occassions stating that I was only after the media attention and that we did not have the best interest of the homeless at heart.   I have to be honest, this shocked me at first as the whole point in getting the media involved was to get everyone across Australia engaged and what better way to do this than involve the media!  Don’t get me wrong, I am a media tart ( I admit it) but my main intent was to reach as many people as I can about the donate your socks day. 

What I found interesting is that this comment upset me very much and I must have stewed over it for several days feeling rather upset and annoyed.

On discussing this with my Business Coach ( thanks Pam, you rock!) she asked me the question – WHY DO YOU CARE WHAT THIS PERSON THINKS OF YOU – Now this did make me think! Why was I so upset by this person who, to be honest, I hadn’t even met at this time? Why did I allow him to upset me and feel I had to justify to him my intentions of launching this campaign? Why did I ignore much of the positive feedback I was receiving, only to focus on what this person had said and why did I think it was so important to get his approval?







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Thankfully, just raising this question in my mind put me back on track as I acknowledged that I released the need to care about what he thought of me.   This was rather empowering actually as I released myself from giving a damn about his point of view and whether he liked me or not.

So the next time you feel upset by someone’s comment towards you, ask yourself if it really matters what they think.  Most of the time the people who say nasty comments about are not people we would choose to have in our lives  anyway.  Let it go and let us care about the people who love us and support us.  The people who raise us up, not knock us down.

Thats all for now.

Spiritual and Irritable

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