Pick up any self development book these days and it is likely to include the words ‘Ask and you shall receive’. Movies such as ‘The Secret’ have been released on this topic and this is a fundamental concept in the Law of Attraction.

So, if it’s that easy, why aren’t we living in a universe where we simply make our requests and what we want magically appears in our reality?  In my role as a Sydney Life and Confidence Coach, I often assist my clients in working more effectively with the Law of Attraction.

What is left out of many explanations on the LOA is the need to ‘close the gap’ between what you are asking for and actually receiving it.

By this I mean, that you can ask away (and the universe will create this for you). However, in order to receive what you are asking for, you have to think it is possible. In addition, you also have to vibrate at the frequency of expectation and belief that it will be given to you. Only at this stage can you actually realise your desire into your actual reality.

In my Sydney Life Coaching practice, I often meet a few clients who feel disappointed that the Law of Attraction is not working for them or they never seem to get what they want. Many of them have been using affirmations for years or working hard to achieve financial success or a fabulous life.

As a result, they are good at the ASKING stage, but not so good at the receiving stage!

The reason for this block is often our negative beliefs or the lack of expectation that we can get what we want.

Victoria is a client of mine who had been single for a long time. She came to visit me as she had been trying to manifest a life partner for over 12 months and was getting really frustrated with her lack of progress. Over this time she had also bought several books on manifesting her soul mate and had completed countless action steps that had been suggested in these books. This included:

1) Writing a list of all the traits she decided she wanted in a partner.

2) Setting a ‘Relationship Goal’.

3) Affirming every day that she was ‘in a joyous healthy relationship’.

Despite all the above, Victoria was still single and hadn’t even had a sniff of a date!

You see Victoria was very good at asking – but had not done any work on ‘closing the gap’ on what she wanted – and actually receiving it. On the surface it looked like Victoria was doing all the right things but deep down she also had some conflicting beliefs which were preventing her soul mate from popping into her experience.

These included beliefs such as :

1) Nothing comes easy to me.

2) I never get what I want.

3) I am always left out in love.

Can you see how these conflicting beliefs were keeping Victoria from meeting her desired partner?

The good news is that after a few Life Coaching sessions with myself, we were able to change these beliefs so that Victoria was vibrating at a frequency which was a match to her soul mate. You see it is only when you become a match to you desire, that you can fully allow it into your experience. Remember, the law of attraction also states ‘That which is like itself is drawn’.

Within my coaching practice, I have designed simple and easy ways for you to ‘close your gap’ and become a vibrational frequency to that what you desire so that you can learn to receive what you want. If you would like to find out more about my work, please contact me at either [email protected] or [email protected]

Lisa Phillips is a Sydney based Life and Confidence Coach. She is also the author of ‘The Confidence Coach’ and a popular inspirational and motivational speaker. To find out more, please see www.amazingcoaching.com.au or www.howtoemmpoweryourstaff.com