Self Care is more than a Manicure

When running wellness workshops for employees or working with my Sydney Life Coaching clients, I often ask them ‘ How do you practice Self Care?‘.   Usually the common response is one of the following:

  • I get a manicure every two weeks
  • I take a hot bath
  • I go for walk with the dog
  • I get a massage occasionally
  • I take a break when I can

Self Care is about your Feelings and Thoughts

Think about it, when you take your manicure, massage or walk, what are your thoughts like? Are you still beating yourself up, criticising yourself or worrying about life?  If so, you may be practicing a little care to yourself on the outside, but you are not practising caring for yourself on this inside – which really is the most important thing!

What is real Self Care?

  • Compassion with yourself
  • Soothing and encouraging yourself and your thoughts
  • Treating yourself with love and kindness
  • Unconditional love to yourself
  • Following your own stream
  • Being true to your own passions, needs and wants

Life responds to your Feelings

This is a universe of attraction and what ever you feel, you will receive.  Therefore, it really doesn’t matter what you do, it is more about how you FEEL.

If you love having a manicure, enjoy how it feels and know you feel worthy and deserving of it, then the universe hears this and gives you more of these good feelings.   However, if you are in a rush, thinking about the manicure being expensive or that you don’t have time, then the universe will give you more of these feelings.

It isn’t a one off – it is a way of life

Learning to take care of y0ur mind, body and soul is a way of life. It is more than a one off activity.  Try some of these ideas for practising real self care:

  1. Pay more attention to feeling good on the inside.  Do more of things that make you happy.   Tune into your happiness stream.
  2. Consciously choose time for you and learn to switch off from other things that are going on in your life. Focus on your breath or try meditation to slow down your thoughts
  3. Have a self care date.  This is just for you.  Eat and do all the things that make you happy.  Feel in your heart how much you deserve this time.
  4. Start a Love Journal.   Most people find this difficult but try writing down 1 thing you like about yourself daily.
  5. Start a compliment book.  Don’t just read them, feel any compliments you receive in your feelings and heart.

Your Self Care Stream

If you are familiar with my work or have heard me speak,  you will know I talk about your stream of life regularly.  Use the stream adage to build momentum on your own self care.   Practices like self praise, self encouragement and self soothing will all help you to flow downstream into self care.


Lisa Phillips is an award winning Sydney Life Coach and Confidence Coach.   Lisa features regularly in the media and is the author of ‘ The Confidence Coach’.   For more information, please contact [email protected] or [email protected]

Sydney Life and Confidence Coach Lisa Phillips appears regulary in the Australian Media

Sydney Life and Confidence Coach Lisa Phillips appears regulary in the Australian Media