Relationship Goals

I didn’t feel particulary spiritual at 3am this morning when a cheeky little random mosquito decided to chew off half my arm – However, on finally awakening at 9am, I decided to start the day with a bang with some creative visualisations, a couple of inspiring affirmations and a good old review of my goals for 2010.

In 2010 I have decided to set myself three goals:

  • Emotional ( Increase self esteem, put self first and quit beating myself up just because I am not a domestic Lisa Phillipsgoddess)
  • Career ( finish book, increase followers on blog and write more paying articles for magazines rather than being the poor unpaid expert)
  • Relationships ( Meet Life Partner and have some regular and great sex)

I must confess to feeling rather smug and confident about the achievement of the first two goals, but ever so slightly hopeless about the manifestation of the third. This is down to the fact that despite assisting hundreds of my clients to meet (and keep) their soulmate, I yet again, find myself desperate and dateless on a Saturday night.

In a nutshell, my love life stinks. Seriously, I am not sure if it could get any worse. I do actually feel the need to write a letter of complaint to the universe about this one as I admit, I do feel a little hard done by.

Not only have I extracted myself from a 5 year abusive relationship but I have worked my little lightworkers butt off reading relationship self help books, attending soulmate bootcamps and praying to my romance angels. I have spent probably thousand of hours healing my own mouldy emotional relationships patterns, surrendering to a higher power and learning to let go. However, despite all of this, I still find myself with my PJ’s on at 6pm on a Saturday night tucking into a box of maltesers.

Yes, of course I know something is blocking my perfect bloke from just appearing in my life but please universe, could you sort this out for me quick as I am 43 in a few months and cobwebs are appearing!!!

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