We all struggle with negative emotions  from time to time and that is just part of being a human being.  However, it is fair to say that on occasion, many of us often struggle to find the positive in everyday situations.

I recently launched a new workshop titled ‘How to be a more positive person’. This is a brand new workshop and I recently spoke on this very topic for Celebrity Cruise Line with very positive results!

Before I explain further, I would like to point out that even if you are a ‘glass half empty’ type of person, this should never be a reason to beat yourself up or be critical towards yourself.

To be perfectly honest, the reason I teach this subject is to help people feel good – even if they are feeling negative!

Where do Negative Emotions come from?

Negativity comes from within us and it is often a learned thinking pattern based on beliefs such as:

  • Nothing goes right for me
  • Too good to be true 
  • Things are never easy 
  • It won’t work out to my advantage
  • Something always goes wrong
  • It’s not easy being me…..

These old toxic beliefs then lead to negative thoughts and importantly, then lead to negative expectations of life in general.   Often those people who are the most negative may have experienced many negative experiences in their life.  As a result, they may end up with low negative expectations of  positive things happening for them. both now and in the future.

Negative Experiences

You see, negative experiences are often the outcome of :

  • Poor expectations of life, success, joy, happiness
  • The dominant belief that this will go wrong  
  • The expectation that life to be a struggle or difficult 
  • Expecting things to not go well 

Unfortunately, life then becomes a self fulfilling prophecy as negative beliefs, lead to negative thoughts, lead to negative expectations and then finally negative outcomes! It is when we keep experiencing the negative outcomes that we get to shout even louder ‘Things never go right for me’ and our beliefs that things will continue to go wrong gets even stronger.

Negativity Robs us of our Positive Wellbeing

However, getting to be right and expecting negative outcomes robs us of our joy and wellbeing! It also doesn’t feel good and prevents us from moving forward and becoming confident and empowered.  It is upstream!

In the new year I will be launching a series of online training sessions which will include the topic of positive thinking so if you want to become a more positive person, make sure you keep an eye out in the newsletter for the launch of the Confidence Coach Online Training Modules. 

Sydney based Life Coach Lisa Phillips has over 20 years experience.  She is also the author of The Confidence Coach book.  Her work is also regularly featured in the Australian Media.  To find out more about Life Coaching with Lisa Phillips, please see www.amazingcoaching.com.au