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Do you need some help in feeling great, achieving new goals or releasing negative emotions?  Meet Lisa Phillips, an award winning Sydney Life Coach , Personal Success Coach and Confidence Coach  with over 20 years experience!   Lisa is also the author of ‘The Confidence Coach‘ book and her work as an expert Life Coach appears regularly in the Australian Media.

Having a Personal Success Coach and Life Coach will assist you in achieving the outcome you are searching for in a supportive, nurturing and inspirational environment. Using proven methods, your tailored Personal Life Coaching session will empower you, increase your self-belief,  confidence and improve your self-esteem.

Destructive behaviour and thinking patterns will be replaced with positive belief systems and self-caring actions. You will also develop exciting new skills and practices to deal with any issues or negative beliefs which may be keeping you stuck or holding you back.

Life Coaching is a solution based approach to personal development that can assist in making lasting changes in all areas of your life including relationships, career, wealth, social, goal setting, emotions, health and family issues.

Using a positive forward focus, well-formed outcomes and powerful questioning, award winning  Sydney Life Coach Lisa Phillips will work with you to create tailored ‘action steps’ for you to complete between Life Coaching sessions. This ensures your changes are embedded quickly and you start to feel great straight away! Sessions can be taken face to face, over the phone or online.   Career Coaching and Interview Coaching is also available.

Choosing the right Life Coach is important so check out Lisa’s Coaching Testimonials.

Lisa Phillips Sydney Life Coaching

Lisa Phillips and Amazing Coaching also offer NLP ( Neuro Linguistic Programming) with her Confidence and Life coaching sessions. Combining NLP with Life Coaching gives a holistic approach that is tailored to an individual’s needs, allowing them to make an effortless transformation in their lives.

Please see the Meet our Coach page for more information about Personal Success Coach Lisa Phillips, her awards, qualifications and testimonials!

NLP and Personal Life Coaching can also assist with: