Are you among of those people who has an excuse for everything? Do you make excuses not to make some changes in your life, or move away from something you know is not good for you? Do you find yourself saying ‘I am too busy’ or ‘I haven’t got the experience or qualifications ‘or ‘I just haven’t got the time’. images5

Although excuses may sound factual to you in your own mind, they are really just a way of keeping you stuck, holding your dreams in the far future and a way stopping yourself making changes and taking responsibility for your own life.

Excuses prevent us facing the truth and are a way of accepting defeat before you have even started!

Do you tend to procrastinate things?

I often ask my clients to write down on paper, every time they find themselves making an excuse over a week long period.  The output is always varied from excuses not to complete tasks at work, not to go to the gym, not to be assertive, not to eat properly, not to ask for what they want or simply because they can’t be bothered.

In my opinion, some excuses are good – if it means you are taking care of yourself then I am a fan of the odd excuse.  If an excuse empowers you then hey, it may be just what you need.  However, it those excuses that we hide behind and rob us of our power then those things need to be addressed.

They are the sneaky little excuses such as ‘It is not worth asking for what I need’ or I just don’t have the experience or knowledge to do that or ‘ It will be too hard’.

Those are the excuses that we hide behind and rather than taking empowered action (that we often know deep down that we need to take!) – they become the dream robbers and leave us dis-empowered. .

This week, make a commitment to write down all the excuses that you make over a week long period.  Do these excuses add to your energy or drain you of your energy? Do these excuses move you into what you really want or do they stop you from stepping into your greatness? What is the real fear behind your excuses?

Then pick one excuse and bust it!

Challenge yourself to do the very thing you are used to making an excuse for.  Encourage yourself and soothe yourself with kind and loving words.  Tell yourself that you are worth it and allow the truth to set you free. I promise you that you’ll thank yourself for taking action!

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