New Online Training Modules from Lisa Phillips now available!

It has taken a while to hatch but at last, Amazing Coaching is ready to launch a range of  online training modules!  We are very excited about this as people across the world have been requesting Lisa’s workshops and presentations to be available online for some time and now it is ready to launch!

The new training portal offers 5 online courses each facilitated by award winning Confidence Coach Lisa Phillips.

The online courses available are as follows:

1)  Career Confidence Do you struggle to feel confident in your career? Then this course is for you!

2)  Finding Real Inner Confidence   Confidence is an inside job and the feeling of confidence can be different for everyone.  In this course, Lisa shares with you her top tips on how to build up a strong confidence muscle from the inside out.

3) How To Be Your Own Best Friend   As human beings, we often treat other people far better than we treat ourselves.  This course will assist you to treat yourself as a best friend, learning to have more respect for yourself and put yourself ( rather than everyone else!) first.   ( Note – This is Lisa’s favourite course!)

4)  Building Resilience   Do you find you live your life on an emotional roller coaster? Learn how to feel more resilient and empowered so that you can bounce back after life’s inevitable set backs.

5)  How To Manage Your Stress (Before it Manages you!)   Are you one of those people who gets stressed easily or are you always worrying about what could go wrong.  Learn how to take responsibility for your own stress and manage your stress – before it manages you!

For a limited time, each course is offered for only $29 and you can even bundle up several of the courses for only $45! 

We are delighted to offer these online courses as it means that everyone across the world can access Lisa’s services at a reasonable price. To find out more, please see