You are Never Wrong – An article by Sydney Confidence Coach

How many times a day do you think you have done something wrong? Whether it is missing the bus, being late dropping the kids off to school or feeling like you haven’t done enough?   Or it could be that you are still beating yourself up for that job or relationship that ‘ went wrong’?

When we beat ourselves up for ‘ being wrong’ we are focusing on the past and re-creating the story that we don’t get things right! 

Amanda  came to visit me in my Sydney Confidence Coaching practice.    She had been in a toxic relationship for 6 months and was still giving herself a hard time about it.  Although she left the relationship, she was still beating herself up for not listening to her inner guidance and allowing herself to date this guy.   She had also paid for a holiday for them both and was upset that she would no longer  be going on an overseas trip.

At the start of our Confidence Coaching session we first discussed what Amanda  had learned from this relationship. Her responses included:

1) To learn to trust my inner guidance

2) To value herself more

3) A clearer picture of the thoughts and beliefs that had kept her in this toxic relationship.

4) Her ‘ bottom line’ of what she would expect from relationships going forward.

Several months later,  Amanda came to see me again for a Confidence Coaching session.  I was delighted to see that she looked far happier and had a  beaming smile on her face. 

Amanda  shared with me that after our last session, she had decided to treat herself to some retail therapy.   Ending up in a large department store,  she asked the shop assistant for some help in choosing an outfit.   The two ladies got on so well they  she swapped numbers and ended up being really good friends.   Just that morning, the girls had gone ahead and  organised a trip to Europe together.  Amanda  felt so grateful that she had decided to go shopping after the relationship had ended!

The truth is, in the big scheme of things, nothing is going wrong in our lives.  It is all part of a journey and life is gradually unfolding for us.    Although we can’t see the bigger picture,  nothing is ever going wrong.   We may have taken a short detour in the road, but everything is still working out, even if we just can’t see it right now!

 Lisa Phillips is an award winning Life and Confidence Coach based in Sydney, Australia.    Lisa works with clients all over the world and her techniques are leading edge, assisting people to let go of anything that doesn’t feel good anymore!    Lisa is also the author of ‘ The Confidence Coach’. ( Exile 2015) and a popular motivational speaker. To find out more about Lisa, please see