Do you need help to Increase Confidence?

It was recently reported that 4 out of 5 Australian Women suffer from Low Self esteem.  Therefore, it is no surprise that many of us need help to increase  confidence!

Sadly, the statistics on low self esteem and lack of confidence are similar around the world.   Sydney Life Coach Lisa Phillips recently appeared on the Today Show discussing the reasons why many of us suffer from low self esteem and what we can do to increase confidence.   You can watch the clip here.

I will be honest,  in my 18 years as a Sydney Life Coach and Sydney Confidence expert, I don’t believe in ‘ Faking it until you make it’.   Ok, it may work on some occasions but if you want to learn how to build real authentic confidence then there is a better and easier way that forcing your self to behave in a way that may not be ‘ who you really are’

The fact is, I work with my coaching clients increase confidence from the inside out.  It is not about struggle, it is not about faking it till you make it.    It is about honouring who you are ( even if that is an introvert), and soothing and encouraging yourself to bring relief from negative emotions.  This way is quick, fun and you don’t need many coaching sessions to build up a strong confidence muscle.

If you would like to increase confidence in your life,  why not drop me a line to find out how I can help you? Sessions can be taken in person, via Skype or over the phone and I also work with clients over the world.  We can even set up a free 15 minute consultation ( no obligation) so you can find out if you like my methods!

If you don’t feel ready for coaching to increase confidence, why not treat yourself to a copy of my book ‘ The Confidence Coach’.  You can order a copy here. 

Whatever you decide, always remember that you deserve to feel good and have a consistent flow of wellbeing in your life.

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