Nature & Health February-March 2018

Sydney Confidence Coach and Life Coach Lisa Phillips had her tips for Boosting Confidence featured in the Nature & Health February-March 2018 edition.

The national Australian magazine ran a special feature on Happiness and Confidence and Sydney Life Coach Lisa Phillips was delighted to share her tips.

Lisa’s work has been featured regularly in Nature & Health Magazine.  For more information, please see her media page.   Nature & Health Magazine is Australias original and best natural health magazine.

Lisa’s tips featured specifically on People Pleasing.

“Instead of trying to please others, focus on pleasing yourself,” says Sydney life coach Lisa Phillips. “Why is another person’s approval so important to you? Put yourself first and approve of yourself. We find it easy to say something negative about ourselves, but rarely do we praise ourselves. Self praise increases confidence, but criticism breaks it down. And stop comparing yourself! Just because someone is different from you, it doesn’t mean they are better than you. Be proud of who you are; you were born to be different, so don’t try to be like everyone else.”

Nature & Health February-March 2018 issue