How to Move your Canoe Downstream ( Part 2)

In last months Sydney Life Coaching blog   I shared the idea that your life is like a flowing stream. Each day, when you wake up, you have the choice whether to take your canoe upstream or downstream.

In this weeks blog, lets talk about how to Move your Canoe Downstream!

Downstream is where all the magic happens!  When you move your canoe downstream you feel positive emotions. This is the universes way of telling you that you are heading in the right direction.  When your canoe is flowing downstream, you are heading in the direction of everything you desire.

When you move your canoe downstream, you will experience positive emotions such as alignment, joy, hope, expectation and your body will feel good and in alignment with who you really are.

Moving from Upstream to Downstream.

When we get stuck upstream, we are focussing on negative feelings  

To move downstream, we need to learn how to focus on soothing and encouraging words which will gently start our canoe moving in the right direction.   Remember, this is a canoe, not a speed boat! It is about tuning in and focussing consciously on finding words and phrases which soothe ( and move!) your canoe downstream.

For example.    Lets just say Money worries have been keeping you upstream.   In order to move your canoe downstream on this topic, you may reach for soothing words such as :

  • I will find a way, I like having money in the bank
  • Wouldn’t it be nice is money started to flow to me
  • I like the idea of having more money and being debt free
  • Other people have found a way to thrive, and I would like this for me as well.

Or, if you are sick of feeling tired or negative, you may reach for soothing words such as :

  • I would really like to start to feel a little bit better
  • Wouldn’t it be nice if I felt a bit nicer tomorrow?
  • This will pass, I will find a way to feel good

Everyone is different but it is about reaching for a word or phrase that gives you relief from the negative emotions you are feeling.   Remember, focus on what you do want, not your current reality!

Sydney Life Coach Lisa Phillips is an award winning Confidence Coach, Motivational speaker and Life Coach. Her work features extensively in the media and she is also the author of ‘ The Confidence Coach’ book.  To find out more about Lisa and her work, please see

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