Mindfulness and Confidence

Would you like to know about Mindfulness and Confidence?  Then join Sydney Life Coach Lisa Phillips at the Mindful Festival in Manchester, UK on Feb 3!  Speaker and  Sydney Life Coach Lisa Phillips will be sharing her tips on stage with an  inspirational talk about Mindfulness and Confidence. 

The Mindful Living Festival is a two day event held both in London and Manchester.

The event offers access to more than 70 workshops, seminars and teachings within  comfortable conference rooms which will give you  space to breathe and immerse yourself in mindfulness and lots of new ideas around mental health, meditation and wellbeing.

Whether you have a professional interest, are new and curious, or practice mindfulness and meditation regularly, there is space to experience and learn something new.  The event also offers a variety of creative and physical arts and meditative practices, plus a range of relaxing and uplifting products and services.

Sydney Life Coach Lisa Philips will be speaking at the Manchester event on Feb 3 in the afternoon.

For more information, please see http://www.mindfullivingshow.com/mindfulliving2018/en/page/about-the-event

Tips to Increase inner Confidence

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